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Relocating to a New City? Improve the Experience.

Relocating to a new city or country is listed as one of the top five stress factors in a person’s life. Whether it’s just yourself, your entire family, or a whole team of employees, it’s always very hectic. Luckily, there’s a way to improve the experience and make relocating much smoother and less stressful – with the right short-term housing firm at your side!

“Having a nice, comfortable temporary housing situation makes a huge difference for anyone who’s relocating to a new area,” says Diane Berry, principal of Corporate Housing Associates in The Woodlands. “Our goal is to offer people a positive, smooth, and stress free start in their new environment. Having a home away from home adds significantly to the well-being of anyone involved in a relocation.”

Corporate Housing Associates is a well known, high quality, boutique firm offering corporate and temporary housing throughout the U.S. Their employees are very experienced and highly sensitive to the needs and concerns of each transferee and their family members when the need for temporary lodging anywhere in the nation arises.

Depending on the market as an added convenience they can provide daily, weekly and monthly stays. “No detail is too small when it comes to selecting just the right premium furniture, housewares, and services to provide our clients with a perfect “home away from home,” says Diane.

“Meeting the specific business and personal needs of our clients is made easier with our customized relocation packages,” says Diane. “We’re able to work with almost anyone’s budget because of the many housing options available to us. The flexibility of our program really lets us customize the home to fit the budget in most cases.”

“Just add People and Pets” might be the tag-line for Corporate Housing Associates. That’s because – contrary to extended stay hotels for example, every corporate housing apartment or home is pet-friendly. Not only that, but they are all literally able to just move in to… hang up your clothes and get dinner on the stove. Fabulous furniture, modern up-to-date appliances, quality cookware, cooking utensils, silverware, dishes, kitchen linens, as well as a can opener, mixing bowls, measuring cups and a cutlery set. In short, all the essentials necessary for you to forget about the move and just get on with life!

What about other amenities? The properties really make you feel at home. Most accommodations offer residents a variety of other guilty pleasures such as pools, fitness centers and business centers. Many of the properties are gated and support a variety of activities for those who enjoy active lifestyles, including golfing, walking, jogging, biking, and shopping.

Corporate Housing Associates is known for being both flexible and accommodating when it  comes to customer needs and wishes. They offer completely flexible lengths of stay, detailed monthly billing, and easy payment options. In addition, they organize and handle special maid service cleanings and manage the setup, delivery, and deposits for all your services and utility connections. During the entire time, you only have a single point of contact nationwide.

If you are moving or know someone who is…give Corporate Housing Associates a call and they will provide you with the very best home away from home!


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