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Moving into a corporate or vacation apartment with your pet

Many animal lovers treat their pets like members of the family. If you have a pet and you’ll be away from home for an extended period of time on vacation or business, you probably want to bring your pet with you. Here are some tips to remember.

Verify that your rental allows pets. Ask about nearby pet-friendly activities, like dog runs or dog beaches. Look up the location and phone number of the veterinarian and pet emergency clinic nearest to your temporary home.

Remember, even pet-friendly rentals expect you to be courteous and responsible. If your pet is accustomed to being allowed on the furniture, be sure to cover all items with blankets and sheets from home. Many pets feel stressed when left alone in an unfamiliar place – take appropriate steps to prevent your pet from chewing or scratching furniture, doors and door jams, and from urinating or defecating in the rental. Avoid leaving your pet unattended.

Start with comfortable and safe travel. Don’t let your pet sit on your lap while you drive, or walk around freely in the vehicle. Your pet could jump out of a window, and a sudden stop or accident will send your pet flying. Use a carrier for small pets (under 20 pounds) and either a carrier or a harness and seatbelt for larger pets. Never let your pet ride unrestrained in the back of a truck and never leave your pet unattended in a closed vehicle, even on cool days.

Pack for your pet. Here’s a list to get you started:

• Tags – your home tags and a set for your temporary location

• Extra collar, extra leash. Extra harness if you use one.

• Safety collar for cats

• Photos of your pet

• Vaccination records

• Any medication your pet might need, especially a sufficient quantity of any prescriptions

• Pet carrier, with identifying information affixed to the outside

• Bring a blanket and extra old sheets from home to use in the car or carrier, and to protect the furniture in your temporary housing

• Something familiar for the pet to sleep with (blanket, pet bed)

• Your pet’s usual food and treats. If you can easily find it in the grocery store, you won’t need much. If your pet has special dietary needs, you may need to bring enough for your entire time away.

• Your pet’s food and water dishes. You might also consider smaller portable food and water dishes to use while traveling.

• Bottled water or tap water from your home. Use it to dilute the water at your destination, in case it’s difficult for your pet to adjust to.

• Your pet’s favorite toys

• Grooming supplies such as brushes, scissors, nail clippers

• Plastic bags for cleaning up after your pet’s call to nature

For more pet travel tips, check out the American Humane Association’s website.

Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates welcomes you and your pet to many of our temporary housing locations. Give us a call today to discuss your housing needs.


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