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Plan a fall family getaway to Houston and stay in a furnished apartment

katy-festival-256x300We all need an occasional change of scenery. Family getaways can be a fun way to take a break from work, school, and the everyday demands of life. But most of us have to work these things into our budget. If you plan well, a family getaway won’t break the bank, especially if you choose to stay in a furnished apartment versus a hotel. Temporary furnished apartments are great for larger families and can keep your expenses down. You can eat in the fully equipped kitchens and enjoy the amenities that most corporate apartments offer – such as pools, gyms, and even office space.

If you’re planning a fall vacation, think about the different choices you have for accommodations. Also, make sure you check out your destination’s calendar of local events – Houston has a great variety of fall festivals that you can enjoy! And here are some things we’ve learned through our own experiences.

Keep it simple! You don’t have to make it a cross-country road trip. Why not plan a “staycation?” That’s a local mini-vacation – take your break close to home! Remember, this is a getaway, not the family vacation. Choose a destination that you can reach by car within a couple of hours, if not faster.

Choose the right main attraction. Every family is different and has different taste. The getaway your neighbors loved might not be the right one for you. Consider the likes and dislikes of each member of the family and weigh the pros and cons of the various destination choices.

Do the research. Find out about free stuff, accommodations, hours of operation, activities for the kids – any information that will be useful to you – ahead of time.

Plan well. Lock in the details. Make reservations and find out about cancelation policies. If you’re traveling on Saturday morning, take the time to prepare everything on Friday. Pack the car, finish the homework and decide what Saturday’s breakfast will be.

Create an emergency plan. Decide what you’ll do if you are unexpectedly separated from the other members of your family. Review emergency plans with your kids. Make sure they know what to do if they get lost in an unfamiliar location.

Have fun! Don’t get bogged down in details, and don’t worry about it if things don’t go as planned. Use the time to reacquaint yourself with family members who are usually living busy lives. Everyone goes to work and school, has friends to spend time with, hobbies to engage in. Remember that this family time together doesn’t come often enough. Enjoy each other’s company before going back to the normal routine of your daily lives.

If you live in or around Houston, check out these websites for information about local fall festivals, and if you need temporary housing in Houston give us a call.



Katy Rice Harvest Festival


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