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Long Distance Commuting. In Need of a Temporary Home Away from Home?

longdistancecommWhile telecommuting has been on the increase for years, a previously-rare scenario in the workplace has also been increasing in popularity. More and more employees are choosing to commute over long distances instead of relocating for their job. While an hour-long drive to reach the office is standard in many metropolitan areas, these extreme commuters are catching commuter flights to reach their destination. Although most return home to their families at least every other weekend, the need to fly back usually makes being home in time for dinner each night impossible.

Why Not Simply Relocate?
Why would anyone choose a long-distance commute instead of simply living close to their employer? These are some of the most popular reasons:
• Temporary Assignments – A company may need to relocate a valuable employee for a few months or even a year for a special, high-profile assignment. Once the project is complete, they either return to their home office or move on to the next area that requires their expertise. Instead of relocating every year or two, many employees choose to commute.
• Uncertain Job Market – While layoff rates have dropped, no job is certain in the current economic climate. Instead of relocating immediately, many people with new jobs prefer to test the waters by commuting until they feel their job is secure.
• Family Concerns – Whether the employee doesn’t want to force their children to change schools at a critical time or they prefer to remain close to extended family members with health problems, they may find long-distance commuting preferable to moving.
• Cost of Living – Long-term commutes are a great way to save money when the employee lives in an area with a low cost of living and works in an area with higher salaries. However, the employee must keep their expenses under control in their host city to take advantage of this job perk.

Furnished Apartments vs. Hotel Lodgings for Long-Distance Commuters
One of the best ways to keep those expenses low is to lease a furnished apartment instead of a hotel room during your time away from home. When you compare a monthly rate to expensive hotel fees, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to discover the savings. A furnished apartment also means that your food bill should decrease. Instead of dining out for virtually every meal, you can prepare healthy, home-cooked meals at a fraction of the cost. Even if the price is not a consideration, eating out several times a day can soon becomes tiring. In addition to saving money, a furnished apartment provides many other benefits including:
• Extra Space – Even the smallest furnished apartment has more space than the nicest hotel suite. You’ll enjoy your weeknights more when you have extra room to spread out and add a few extra personal possessions to your living space.
• Increased Privacy – Other than your small room, there are few places in a hotel where you can find any privacy. Who wants a desk clerk monitoring their every move?
• Peace and Quiet – While anyone can throw a loud party, your chances of disruptive neighbors goes up dramatically when staying in a hotel room. In a furnished apartment, most of the other residents will be more interested in a good night’s sleep during the week to prepare for the next workday.
• Exclusive Use – When you check out of a hotel room before going home, all of your possessions must be packed up, and you have no guarantee that you’ll even be in the same room when you return. With a furnished apartment, you can travel with just a carry-on and return to your home-away-from-home that will be exactly as you left it.
• Family Visits – Although your family may not be interested in moving, they may want to see where you’re living during the week and discover what your host-city has to offer. With the extra space that a furnished apartment provides, they can visit in comfort.

If you think that a furnished apartment sounds like a great idea, but you’re worried about a long-term commitment, don’t be. Although you can lease your new residence for a longer term, many furnished apartments are available on a month-to-month basis. Why not look for your new home-away-from-home today?


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