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Pet-Friendly Vacation Homes in The Woodlands

1336879_small_dof_in_gardenTaking a vacation without your pet can be stressful for both of you. Whether you choose to board your pet at a local kennel or hire a pet-sitter to care for him at home, it’s never a worry-free process. Most of us wonder if our little one thinks we have abandoned him or if he’s being cared for properly. If you have an especially sensitive pet, he may even refuse to eat while you are away. On the other hand, sharing new experiences with your furry best friend can be very special and provide you both with a stress-free period of time. However, special accommodations must be made when traveling with the family pet. Keep these items in mind when planning your pet-friendly vacation to The Woodlands:

Pet-Friendly Vacation Homes and Rentals in The Woodlands
While you can find a few pet-friendly hotels in selected areas, they are generally few and far between. In most cases, they won’t have the most luxurious accommodations. The best bet when traveling with a pet is to book a pet-friendly vacation home or short term rental in Houston or The Woodlands. These rental properties are designed with your comfort and your pet in mind.   In most cases, these properties also include green areas, and some may include an outdoor kennel area as well.

Things to Keep in Mind with a Pet-Friendly Home
When renting a pet-friendly home or apartment, don’t expect a complete free-for-all. Many homes have restrictions on the types of animals they will accept. Some will only take one or two small dogs while others have a prohibition against cats or birds. In most cases, you will be required to pay an extra pet deposit to cover any damage. In all cases, expect to clean up after your pet and remove all waste from green areas before your departure. Never try to stay in a home without declaring all pets. If you are found out, it could serve as a legitimate reason for the owner or agent to ask you to leave immediately without a refund.

Additional Considerations
Of course, vacation plans include more than just your choice of lodging. Consider the following points as you plan your trip:
Travel Mode – Unless your pet is small enough to be considered carry-on luggage, traveling by air is dangerous for any animal. They face extreme temperatures as they sit for hours in a crate on the tarmac, and most luggage compartments are not secure. Your safest option is to travel by car. Not only can you ensure your pet’s safety, but you can stop frequently for rest and water breaks.
Stick Close to Home – Instead of traveling by car for days to reach some far off destination, choose one that’s within hours of home. This plan will be less stressful and cheaper for all of you.
Make Sure Your Pet is Healthy – If your animal hasn’t had a recent check-up, schedule a visit to the vet before your trip. Update all shots and ask for a little travel advice. In most cases, you can give your animal a little motion sickness medication to make the ride a little easier if he doesn’t travel often.
Pack Food and Bowls – Pets take quite some time to adjust to new food, and they may not care for the pet bowls provided by your vacation home. They’ll feel much more at home if they have their regular food and a few items that remind them of home.
Be Respectful of Others – Use the leash at all times when you’re traveling to your destination and as you’re out and about during your vacation. Don’t allow your pet to bark or become aggressive when they encounter strangers. Always clean up behind them when the call of nature strikes.

With a little bit of forethought, both you and your pet can have a fun-filled vacation that you remember forever! Why not reserve a pet-friendly vacation home today? Whether you’re looking for a vacation rental in Houston, The Woodlands or anywhere else in the country, we can help you find a pet-friendly temporary home!


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