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Top 5 Qualities of a Corporate Housing Company

The use of corporate housing is growing as more people discover the advantages of this temporary housing option. It allows new or transferring employees as well as students, medical patients and others to enjoy all the amenities provided by a permanent home without any long-term commitment. At the same time, it’s more affordable than staying in a hotel. However, your satisfaction often depends on finding the best corporate housing company to match you with the right property.

Here are the top 5 qualities of a corporate housing company and things to look for when choosing your next provider:

1. Market Knowledge
Because a good corporate housing company knows the local market inside and out, they should be able to use their knowledge to match you to a home that fits your specific personality. Expect a great agent to spend time getting to know you before they start showing you available properties.

2. Customer Service
A great corporate housing company always provides personalized customer service by focusing on your needs first and the need to fill a vacancy second. They understand that families with children and pets have much different needs than a single client. Proximity to work, school or other locations should also come into play.

3. Additional Services
Depending on your needs or desires, the availability of additional services can make a big difference when choosing the right corporate housing company. If you would like extra services like a maid or concierge, it’s always best to ask first before settling on an agency.

4. A Diverse Inventory
The best corporate housing companies have a diverse inventory for you to choose from rather than a cluster of similar properties in only one or two communities. A variety of homes increases your odds of finding the right corporate housing option for your needs.

5. Competitive Pricing
Of course, pricing always comes into play when choosing a corporate housing provider. The primary reason that most clients enter this market is to save money while finding a home away from home. With this approach, they can have all the time they need to look for a permanent property or finish up their business and return to their actual home. In this economy, a good corporate housing provider always offers competitive pricing that’s appropriate for the community and local real estate market.

With these qualities in mind, you should have no problem finding the right corporate housing company to work with. Enjoy your new home!


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