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When Moving Overseas, Find Great Accommodations to Make You Feel at Home

airplane1In a difficult economic climate, flexibility can be a priceless asset. Individuals who are willing to move overseas and work abroad have many more job opportunities than individuals who are stuck in one place. If you are willing to work in a developing economy, you are likely to find serious, long-term career opportunities. You’ll probably be able to find a job in which you thrive despite current economic conditions. Career possibilities are particularly good for those individuals who are willing to work in Brazil, Russia, India or China, known collectively as BRIC.

If you are considering relocating overseas for a job, you are probably concerned about moving to a foreign country and getting used to the culture. This can seem like a particularly daunting task for individuals who have families with children. However, many families have successfully made the transition abroad. With the assistance of a good relocation company, you’ll be able to find great temporary or permanent housing and will be able to begin your career in an exciting new culture.

When relocating out of the country, it’s a good idea to arrange for temporary housing before finding a permanent place to live. An experienced relocation company can help you find housing almost anywhere abroad. When looking for housing, you should try to choose a space that is near to shopping, dining and social activities. You may also wish to choose a home that has an extra room that you can use as an office. If you’re making the transition to a new culture, your family will feel more comfortable when they know that you don’t have to leave home to go to work.

Relocating is a great way to boost an existing career or to find an exciting new career. When thinking ahead to your career options, keep the following pointers in mind. Avoid the “career killers”, which can hold you back both professionally and personally.

Say hello to working on the move. New technology and the nearly worldwide ability to access the Internet mean that you can work no matter where you are.

Say goodbye to prejudices and the inability to get along with others. In order to succeed in an international business world, you must be willing to get along with others and to learn new cultural customs.

Say hello to integrating your work and personal life. Get used to answering a business call at your daughter’s softball game or during dinner. The unwillingness to do so may be a major career hinderance by 2020.

Say goodbye to strict office hours. Being available to work from wherever you are is much more important than sitting in an office all day. Enjoy the freedom of working away from the office.

Say hello to new technologies. The rapid growth of technology has entirely changed the face of business over the last two decades. In order to stay competitive, you’ll have to keep pace.

Say goodbye to the unwillingness to use new gadgets. No one likes a curmudgeon. In order to succeed in modern business, you must be willing to use modern tools.

Talent mobility is the future of our global workforce, and if relocating has never crossed your mind, now might be the time to consider it. At Corporate Housing Associates, we have accommodations world-wide and can assist in the difficult process of finding a home away from home. Call us!


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