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Temporary Rentals for the Holidays in Houston and The Woodlands

temporary-rentals-holidays-houston-the-woodlands-300x227If you have a large family or a group of travelers, it can be costly to go on a vacation, especially during the holidays, when airline tickets are more expensive and in general, the cost of traveling is higher. Typically, when we think “vacation”, we think “Hotels”. How many rooms do we need, how will we all fit, where will the children sleep?

But hotels can be noisy, cramped and expensive – and when you add in the extras like parking, internet and the cost of eating out, sometimes they become unaffordable.  Particularly for people with children, hotels are just not an option, having to share one bathroom, having to put babies on portable cribs that are not easy to transport, having to fight over the TV at night with the kids!  Meals are also a more complicated event if the family or group of travelers have to consider the needs of infants, or children with allergies.

The best alternative to hotel stays for large families or groups are temporary furnished home rentals. Instead of staying in a hotel room, you can often find a vacation rental that offers far more… for much less.

In this economy, finding more cost effective ways to vacation can be the difference between going on one, or not. Temporary furnished rentals can allow 2 families to share the cost of both lodging and food, and savings can make a huge difference. Being able to prepare breakfast and dinner, and even packing lunches and/or snacks versus having to eat at restaurants, can save you hundreds of dollars.

With lodging at as low as $79 per night on longer stays, temporary homes can be a no brainer. In Houston and The Woodlands, for example, we have great accommodations at amazing deals. For example, the Plantation at The Woodlands is offering a 2 bedroom furnished apartment for $87 a day on 30 day stays. This is a beautifully appointed complex, with modern and luxurious mid-town accommodations, conveniently located with near-by shopping, and entertainment. So you probably say, “30 days? I can’t stay 30 days, I’m only looking for a 2 week vacation”.  Even so, when you do the math, staying in a hotel, booking a couple of hotel rooms at a comparable $200 per night, and adding the cost of 3 meals and snacks, internet use, and taxes, the hotel alternative is a much more expensive, and less convenient choice. You can also book one of these properties for less days at a slightly higher rate, and still beat the cost of a comparable hotel stay in most cases!

There are several reasons why vacation rentals from Corporate Housing Associates can be more advantageous than hotels:

  • Temporary rentals cost less, especially when sharing with more people.
  • You get a fully equipped kitchen, so you save even more by buying groceries and eating at home.
  • You get fine linens and furnishings
  • You get more space with an apartment or even entire house instead of a cramped hotel room.
  • Many of our temporary rentals welcome pets.
  • They’re kid friendly. More room, and we can supply cribs and high chairs, and we can also accommodate special needs guests.
  • They’re quiet. You’re not sharing a floor with dozens of other hotel guests.
  • They have common green areas, pools and gyms.
  • They have internet access at no additional cost.

Vacation rentals are found all over the world. At Corporate Housing Associates, we have properties in Europe and Asia as well.

Finding vacation rentals online can be daunting for some people. Having to deal with the owner directly, having to check references, and these days, worrying about double booking or fraud can inhibit vacationers from looking into this option. Many owners offer their homes through larger intermediaries, but still, you might be leery of the quality of furnishings, availability of linens, the location, etc. When renting a temporary furnished rental from a corporate housing specialist, like Corporate Housing Associates, you have nothing to worry about. You know you’ll be staying in the best quality accommodations, with all the comforts of home and all of your questions and concerns can be addressed by friendly and knowledgeable staff.

So for this holiday season, consider temporary vacation rentals, and you might find yourself taking an upscale vacation for a budget price.


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