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Women In The Oil And Gas Industry Relocating To Houston For Career Development

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Houston is a rapidly growing hub for the oil and gas industry in North America. The demand for labor greatly outstrips the local workforce, and businesses are eagerly recruiting workers from around the country to fill these positions. In 2014, it’s expected that the oil and gas industry will intensify its focus on recruiting women.

Women are traditionally underrepresented in science fields. Although there’s been a great deal done to encourage women to study the STEM subjects like math and engineering, there are still few women working in these fields. This makes science-minded women very attractive job prospects in the oil and gas field.

Relocating: A Unique Challenge for Women

Women often have a harder time relocating than their male counterparts. Many professional women also have families, and moving a family can be much more challenging than relocating as an individual. Parents have to worry about the quality of schools, the safety of a neighborhood and its proximity to work. Finding the right accommodations in the right neighborhood can be a challenge, but with some research and planning, and an experienced housing professional with ample knowledge of the Houston market, the move can be successful.

Another hurdle some women confront when considering job relocation is juggling the needs of a working spouse. While most men are happy to see their wives helping out with the finances, research suggests that they’re less enthusiastic when their wives out-earn them. A recent New York Times article by behavioral economist Richard Thaler states that “…husbands aren’t always as enthusiastic when women start bringing home the filet mignon,” suggesting that some men may feel insecure or jealous of their spouses.

Even when this is not the case, relocating a working couple can be a challenge when one person has a job opportunity in a new city. The other earner must often make the choice to quit a steady job and find work in a new city, which can be difficult.

Fortunately, Houston is poised for growth, and opportunities exist in many sectors aside from oil and gas. The city’s rapid growth means that many jobs exist in the medical, education and technology fields, so there should be many opportunities for working women and their spouses to relocate successfully to the area.

If you are considering relocating to the Houston metro area, contact Corporate Housing Associates. We are experts in the area and we’re positive we can find the right home for you.


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