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Houston’s Local Farmer’s Markets – Get To Know Your City

basketveges-300x300Big cities like Houston often hide treasurers that tourists and natives alike fail to appreciate. If you are visiting Houston area or recently moved to this area, you can discover the true flavor, both figuratively and literally, of Houston by visiting any of its local farmer’s markets. Even if you have never visited such a venue before, you can begin to appreciate the culture in Houston and enjoy unique benefits that come with shopping for fresh fruits, vegetables, and other products at these marketplaces.

Supporting Local Farmers

Despite Houston being a major urban metropolis, it still is home to farmers, ranchers, and craftsmen who readily make their wares available to you and other shoppers at the local farmer’s markets. When you shop at one of these locations, you directly support the farmers and their families. Many vendors are not sponsored by corporations and use the income generated from their sales to bring money into their households. In addition to supporting farmers, you also know where your fresh food is coming from and support the environment by buying products that are grown and packaged locally.

Getting to Know the Houston Area

When you shop at the local farmer’s markets, you get to see and experience Houston culture personally. In fact, each market differs in the products and crafts offered for sale. The Grogan’s Mill Village farmer’s market near the Woodlands offers homemade Italian sausage, fresh cheese, and handcrafted wares while the Feast of the Artisans sells wines, jams, fresh pasta, coffee, and other homemade products. Likewise, Woodland markets Urban Harvest and Locavore sell emu eggs, grass fed beef, honey, and handmade goods while the Farmer’s Market at Bridgeland specializes in pet treats, baked goods, and King of the Pit food sales. You can get a taste of the best of local products when you shop at these and other local farmer’s markets.

Finding Out More about Houston Farmer’s Markets

You can find a farmer’s market closest to you by going online and checking out the this recent article in the Houston Chronicle which gives you a detailed list of the Houston area farmer’s markets. When you expand your shopping to places beyond your typical grocery store, you can find out why Houston appeals to so many people and makes a great place to live and visit.

Making yourself at home in Houston begins by visiting the local farmer’s markets. You can find local foods and crafts at these venues.


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