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Relocating? The Best Running Clubs in Houston

When relocating to a new city, it’s not always easy to meet new people. If you’re a runner,  there’s a great way to meet new people — running clubs! Here are some of the best running clubs in Houston. Take your running club pick and meet your new friends!

If you’re a serious runner, most likely you want to improve your time. Having the opportunity to run with others can give you the motivation and competitive edge you need to do it. Even if you don’t consider yourself competitive, you may just find yourself trying to outrun some of the other members of your club!

Running clubs also offer runners new to the area the opportunity to learn the best places to run without the trial and error of going at it alone, and if you’re looking for coaching advice, you will certainly be able to find it. However, the real key is finding the right club for you. Houston has several to choose from and many of them are free to join.


Brian O’Neill’s Running Club

5555 Morningside Drive

Houston, TX 77005

(713) 522-2603


Cost: Free

This is a running club that anyone can join. They often sponsor runs in support of local charities and make it fun by having free food after events. They also give special prizes when you complete a certain number of runs. If you have the motivation to complete one hundred runs, you will even receive a $100.00 voucher for Brian O’Neill’s’ Pub!


In Flight Running Club

1302 Waugh Drive

Houston, TX 77019

(713)  523-2577


Cost: $185 to $450 depending on selected program

Obviously, this is a group for serious runners. If you become a member, you will receive some great coaching from running professionals and have the opportunity to go on daily morning runs. If you’re not that serious, the group also has weekly running event so you can get together in a more casual setting. The group is focused on excellent physical fitness and sponsors full and half marathons in the area.


Houston Striders

P.O. Box 721405

Houston, TX 77272

(713) 797-8601


Cost: Free

This club offers a more casual atmosphere with a focus on helping others rather than competition. All ages and fitness levels are welcome to join and the focus is social rather than competitive. They do sponsor events that support local charities and non-profits and although most runners enjoy the fitness aspect of the club, many members participate in competitions.


City Centre Running Club

800 W. Sam Houston Parkway

Houston, TX 77024

(713) 365-9922


Cost: Free

This club focuses primarily on the social aspects of running. You can come and meet new people, go for a run and then enjoy some social time afterwards. Sign up in the open courtyard on Monday between 5:30 & 7:00 PM.


Houston Fit

1512 Nantucket

Houston, TX



Cost: $140.00 – $245.00 depending on program

This club takes you from wherever you are starting and trains you to run a half-marathon or marathon. Although it takes a lot of work to reach this goal, you will have the support and encouragement of the trainers and runners alike.


Tornados Running Club

PO Box 701144, Houston, TX 77270



Cost: $20.00 – $25.00  annually

This club is focused on running for the fun of it as well as enjoying the social aspects of being part of a club. With training year round, concentrating on ½ marathons and marathons in the Fall and shorter 5K to half marathon races in the Spring.


Bayou City Runner

P.O. Box 925534

Houston, TX 77292

(713) 667-2902


Price: Free

Focused on the physical fitness aspect of running doesn’t mean that this group doesn’t enjoy having fun. They meet each Wednesday for shorter workouts and Sunday’s for longer more strenuous runs. The social calendar is pretty full as well.


Joining a running club is a great way to expand your social circle as well as getting and staying fit in the process. Welcome to Houston!


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