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10 Reasons to Choose Vacation Rentals

You’ve decided to hit the open road and head out on a relaxing vacation. You’ve picked the ideal location and can’t wait to get there. Picking the best place to stay is just as important as choosing your destination. By skipping the hotel and choosing a vacation rental, you’ll have more amenities and enhance your time away.

10 Reasons Why a Vacation Rental is Better Than a Hotel

1. More Space

A hotel confines you to one room filled with beds. A vacation rental has an open space for kicking back and relaxing in a place that feels more like home.

2. Money Saved

Vacation rentals are surprisingly affordable and save you money when traveling with a group.

3. Greater Availability

You can find vacation rentals almost everywhere you go, and they provide just as many luxury accommodations as any high-priced hotel in the area.

4. Accommodates the Entire Family

Vacation rentals have more than one room. Therefore, you don’t have to share a single space with the kids or other adults.

5. Room for Pets

Not all hotels allow pets in the rooms. Many vacation rentals have plenty of space for pets, so you can bring your dog or cat along in comfort.

6. Laundry Facilities

With on-site laundry facilities, you can wash your clothing at your leisure. Because the washer and dryer are in your rental, you don’t have to spend money and time in a coin laundry off-site.

7. Full Kitchen

Why eat out every night when you have a full kitchen in your rental? You can save money on eating out and spend it enjoying various attractions during your stay.

8. Live Like the Locals

Staying at a vacation rental makes you feel like one of the locals. You’re off the main tourist strip, giving you the freedom to wake up in the morning, open the door and enjoy the scenery outside.

9. Peace and Quiet

A vacation rental doesn’t have hallways filled with noisy tourists walking to and from their rooms. You get real peace and quiet away from it all.

10. Home Away from Home

You want to feel comfortable while away from home. Because vacation rentals come with separate rooms, a full kitchen, and furnishings, you’ll feel at home even on vacation.

Treat yourself to the perfect getaway by staying at a vacation rental. You get all the amenities of home with the luxuries of a resort.


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