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Press Release: Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates, Launches New Business Unit & Website


CHA Crew Logistics: Opening Doors to Workforce Solutions™

The Woodlands, TX (December 16, 2015) – CORPORATE HOUSING ASSOCIATES, LP (MCHA), the premier provider of furnished corporate and temporary accommodations, announces today the launch of a new division and website, www.CHACrewLogistics.com.  After earning the trust of top companies and their employees, MCHA expands its services to include turnkey accommodations focused on the needs of oil and gas well site workers in both populated and remote areas.  The division is called CHA Crew Logistics and it has a national portfolio of single and double occupancy hotel rooms, executive quarters and communal lodging a.k.a. man camps offering clients the most efficient, well-organized, responsive service in the industry.

Working directly with our national network of well-organized partners, clients will achieve fast resolutions as well as timesaving and cost-conscious results.  Today’s economy demands it!  Additionally, MCHA Crew Logistics will take exceptional care by delivering the following benefits to its customers: 

  1. Effective Account Resolutions Via
    1. Customized invoicing
    2. Tracking and reporting per project
  2. Streamlined Operations and Customer Service
    1. Quick turnaround and processing of reservations
    2. Well-defined process of communication with paper-trail from start to finish
    3. Exceptional know-how and available resources managing lodging process
  3. Cost Containment and Efficiency
    1. Reduction of travel costs incurred in lodging through pre-negotiated competitive rates
    2. Increasing staff productivity by allowing MCHA Crew Logistics to handle lodging needs
  4. Workforce Solutions
    1. Tactical procurement of all-inclusive accommodations

The launch of a user-friendly website, www.CHACrewLogistics.com, grants visitors access to first-rate, FREE resources, such as:

  • Ability to search locations by state or region/shale
  • Lodging types offered
  • Available solutions for associates
  • And much more

“As a new business segment for MCHA, Crew Logistics is the perfect complement to our overall business model,” said Dianna Siaba, MCHA’s Director of Marketing.  “CHA’s established national network and reputation will provide Crew Logistics with the market penetration needed to extend our sales potential and our new website, dedicated to this segment, will only increase demand.”  

“This business unit and website will be a valuable asset to companies needing all-inclusive lodging for employees,” stated Diane Berry, Director of Sales & Partner.  “Our focus has always been to provide comfortable accommodations through seamless transitions for relocated corporate employees.  Expanding our business to house workforce crews and well site employees enhances our repertoire of services.  We’re confident MCHA Crew Logistics will help us leverage our position in the turnkey lodging market.”  Wendy Kelly, the Crew Logistics Coordinator, brings it home with the following heartfelt words, “what motivates me is knowing I’m placing hardworking men and women earning a living to provide for their families. Finding them a ‘home’ while they are away from loved ones is why I’m there for them 24/7!”

About Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates / MCHA Crew Logistics

Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates (MCHA) is headquartered in The Woodlands, TX.  For more than forty years, company principals have provided relocation services to corporate clients transferring employees.  CHA Crew Logistics is our division catering to the workforce segment providing placement in turnkey lodging.  For more information or assistance in employee placement, visit www.CHACrewLogistics.com or contact Wendy Kelly at 832-421-1267 or WendyK@CHACrewLogistics.com.


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