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6 Tips To Prepare For A New School

You’ve moved and your child(ren) will start the school year in a new school. How can you as a parent help settle those butterflies in their stomach?

  1. Team Work – include your child(ren) whenever possible in the selection of the school, classes, supplies, and clothes. Making them part of the process empowers them.
  2. Stay Positive – Have conversations with your child(ren) about their views and anxieties about the coming school year. Let them know that they are not alone and share these very same concerns with many of the other children they will meet. Give them positive reinforcement about what they will learn during the year and the new friends they will make.
  3. Get Involved – Encouraging your child(ren) to get involved in school activities and sports will open doors and connecting with their new school and classmates.
  4. Tour & Trial Run – Make time to plan for tour of the school (if possible) and a trial run of the first day of school. Let them become familiar with the route they are to take to and from home each day by locating the bus stop or walk / ride bikes with your child(ren) to the school. See how long it will take them to get ready in the morning as well as how long it takes to get to school to make sure they arrive on time.
  5. Ready Supplies – Get a list of supplies your child(ren) will need for school. The tax sales holiday weekend in Texas is coming up and a great opportunity to save on school supplies, clothes, shoes and some electronics. Don’t forget to get the child(ren) involved in the process.
  6. Avoid A Rushed Morning – The night before the first day of school get the child(ren) to lay out their clothes for the next day, prepare their lunch and gather all their school supplies. Be sure everyone gets plenty of sleep, start the day early and be sure to eat breakfast before leaving home.


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