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Spring Effortlessly Into Furnished Housing With MCHA!

Spring Into the Future With MCHA

The Right Partnership is Always Worth the Investment!

It’s spring! Days are getting longer and warmer, birds are chirping, and it’s the perfect time of year many consider relocating.  Relocation occurs for career advancements, temporary assignments, or work-life balance.  Employers recognize the stress associated with relocating an employee and will take measures to minimize discomfort.  Choosing the appropriate temporary housing professional is important for any employee’s successful and seamless transition and adjustment into a new place.

One Company. One Call.

CHA furnished rentals allow employees and their families time to explore neighborhoods, research and visit schools or familiarize themselves with the local customs before moving into a permanent residence.  Working with MCHA on temporary, turnkey accommodations eliminates the additional work of locating a suitable dwelling and then setting up furniture, housewares and utilities. Imagine having a comfortable place to rest and relax upon arrival to a new area, and enabling everyone relocating to focus on families and work, keeping company objectives and projects on time and on budget.

The MCHA team is ready to ‘spring’ into action, with specialists in every global market, access to inventory and comparable pricing.  In fact, staying in corporate accommodations, comes the benefit of getting more space and privacy than any hotel room.

No matter how large or small your project or how short or long the stay, MCHA is the right investment and the #1 company to call!


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