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Happy 50th Anniversary to Corporate Housing!

Happy 50th Anniversary to Corporate Housing!

It was in the 1960’s, in California, that corporate housing was first introduced. A savvy real estate agent identified a lucrative way to capitalize on the relocation of companies and their employees to the Golden State.  By adding furniture, basic housewares, and utilities to vacant listings in his portfolio, corporate housing was born. In the late 1980’s, this niche market in the travel industry evolved as a housing solution for business travelers, government employees, military personnel, homeowners and their insurance agents, the entertainment industry, and those seeking hotel alternatives for extended stays. 

Corporate housing and extended stay hotels are thought of as similar but are not.  Hotels with extended stay lodging offer guests a small refrigerator and microwave in a single or double room, while corporate housing offers 1, 2, 3- or 4-bedroom accommodations with a full-sized kitchen, separate bedroom(s), dining room and living room.  Another difference is the location. Extended stay hotels have a transient atmosphere while corporate housing solutions are within residential communities where neighbors are within a short commute of work and shopping, raising families, going to school or quite simply… living! 

Today, corporate housing is a global solution for those seeking seamless transitions to new destinations for a short or extended period.  Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates (MCHA) is such a company with over 20,000 locations in over 100 countries. Our staff of professional relocation experts focus on one thing… YOU, and we do this by locating and ensuring the perfect accommodations you require are ready and waiting for you… anytime, anywhere.


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