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How Corporate Housing Can Help with Productivity

How Corporate Housing Can Help with Productivity

Work productivity in the office can be a challenge on normal days, so it is only natural to struggle with it even more when working away from the office. If a business trip or relocation is in your future, take comfort in the fact that corporate housing can help with productivity. Being in a new town or working at a satellite office does not have to impact your ability to complete a project or meet a deadline thanks to the privacy and comforts of home that corporate housing provides.

Why Work Productivity Away from the Office Is So Important

When it comes to productivity, the most common response as to why it is important is that it affects a company’s bottom line. This sentiment holds true regardless of the circumstances an employee is working under, which includes business trips or relocations.

In addition to a company’s bottom line and profit margin, another primary consideration for why productivity is still key is client care. Corporations exist because they provide services or products to clients. Ultimately, clients expect no interruption to those services, and in order to keep their business, a corporation must provide continuous customer satisfaction, no matter if their executives are traveling, in another city, or in the office.

Fortunately, corporate housing can help with productivity, making it a solution for employers and employees that require the ability to work on the go.

9 Ways Corporate Housing Can Help with Productivity

Many modern business professionals who travel frequently for work already understand the unique opportunities this type of temporary housing can offer, but those who do not travel often or have never stayed in this lodging option are not aware of the ways corporate housing can help with productivity, including the following: 

  1. Comfort. One of the biggest perks of housing for business professionals is providing them with all the comforts of home, and that’s achieved in the details. These spaces come fully furnished, with updated furniture, housewares, technology such as TVs and internet, and even kitchenware. This provides guests with a fully equipped apartment to unwind and relax so they are refreshed and ready to hit the ground running the next day.
  2. Room to spread out. While some hospitality options offer only a single room for guests, which can grow confining after only a few days, corporate housing apartments offer more spacious living quarters that feature a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and a dining area. This allows guests to spread out between multiple rooms for work, sleep, entertaining and meals.
  3. Built-in stress relief opportunities. Working away from home can elevate stress levels for some individuals and this can make taking a break imperative. Corporate apartments generally come with access to a swimming pool and fitness center, both of which are good outlets for stress relief and general physical fitness.
  4. Personal care. Being away from home may mean eating out three meals a day, especially if staying in a hotel. However, corporate lodging offers guests the convenience of making and eating their own meal. A fully equipped kitchen complete with pots and pans, tableware, and a dining area make eating healthy more feasible. And each unit has a washer and dryer so guests can do laundry at their convenience with their own machines rather than visiting a shared laundromat.
  5. Money savings. Having access to the amenities such as a full kitchen and washer and dryer in the unit can save money. No need for quarters for the laundromat or expensive restaurant prices that add up over just the course of a few days. Guests can save money by doing their laundry and cooking their meals all from the comfort of their home away from home.
  6. Flexible lease terms. Some hospitality options only offer limited leasing timelines, but corporate housing offers guests a range of leasing options. This enables guests to spend more time focusing on work rather than wasting valuable time on multiple lodging arrangements for the duration of their stay.
  7. Savings for time spent coordinating deposits and utilities. An individual traveling for business does not have to make utility deposits or wait around for vendors to install services. The responsibility of deposits and utility connections do not fall on the shoulders of guests as this is pre-arranged and all you do is pick up your keys upon arrival.
  8. Less stress for relocations. It is not unusual for an employee or contractor who is being relocated to experience high levels of stress that can arise from having to find a place to stay, checking out potential neighborhoods, and coordinating moving to a new city. Fortunately, a corporate housing company can assign these individuals a consultant to guide you through the relocation, streamlining the process.
  9. Travel continuity. Corporate housing companies that accommodate guests on the national scale allow guests to receive the same level of care and comfort regardless of the city they are in.

Corporate housing can help with productivity by allowing guests to settle in quickly and get to the tasks at hand. With the privacy and quiet atmosphere of these upscale apartments, there are less distractions and more time to work.


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