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Corporate Housing 101

Corporate Housing 101

Corporate housing is a common term used by business travelers and relocation services providers, but for those who have never used it before, it can sound vague. In an effort to answer questions about Corporate Housing 101, we have put together a comprehensive guide that explains what it is, who can use it, why it is one of the best hospitality options available to executives, and what to look for in a provider.

Corporate Housing 101: What Is It and Who Is It For?

Corporate housing is a lodging option that provides business executives an upscale apartment with flexible leasing terms and all the comforts of home. These rentals are fully furnished with housewares, utilities, and many home basics which include a washer and dryer in the unit. Modern furnishings and decor complete the space, providing ultimate comfort and privacy.

While corporate housing is frequently used for relocation services, it is also ideal for business professionals and executives on assignment in another city. Some of the industries that frequently choose corporate housing include:

  • Construction
  • Entertainment
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Military
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Sports
  • Technology

This list typically includes, but is not limited to, the following professionals:

  • Human resource managers
  • Athletes
  • Auditors
  • Consultants and interns
  • Doctors and surgeons
  • Film crews
  • Insurance agents
  • Public adjusters
  • Recruiters
  • Medical researchers
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Performers
  • Project managers
  • Procurement officers
  • Reassigned service members
  • Traveling nurses

Why Choose Corporate Housing Over a Hotel?

When a person travels, they have a variety of hospitality options, and one of the most common questions surrounding corporate housing is why someone should choose it over a hotel. While both options offer a place to stay, that is typically where the similarities end.

Some of the perks of choosing corporate housing over a hotel include:

More privacy

A fully furnished apartment offers more privacy as there aren’t guests checking in and out and making noise in the halls at all hours of the day and night.

A quieter and more business-minded environment

Hotels have thin walls in which guests can easily be disturbed by their neighbors, the sounds of the elevators, or even children running down the halls. However, corporate housing caters to business professionals and their specific needs.

Amenities that one would have at home

When staying at a hotel, guests must use room service or eat out as there isn’t a way to prepare a meal in the room. Laundry must also be sent out. On the other hand, corporate apartments have a fully stocked kitchen and a washer and dryer in each unit for maximum convenience.

Ability to entertain guests in a home-like setting

Unless staying in a suite, hotel rooms can make it difficult to host colleagues for an afterhours brainstorming session or have the family come for a visit. With a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and dining area, corporate housing makes entertaining others much more feasible and enjoyable.


In many cases, corporate housing can customize an extra bedroom into a home office to accommodate the traveler’s needs. We can also replace a basic sofa for a sofa bed for those traveling with family.

What Is Included with Corporate Housing?

Modern business executives are choosing corporate housing because of its comfort, convenience, and space. Some of the features that make this option so attractive to traveling professionals are: 

Spacious Layout

These upscale apartments include a separate bedroom, a comfortable living area, full-sized kitchen with everything needed to cook with a separate dining area. This allows guests to spend time in different areas rather than being confined to just one room.

Fully Furnished Apartments

Instead of a cookie cutter space in which the décor and originality are lacking, corporate housing provides apartments with modern furnishings with soft lighting, king and queen sized beds, linens, towels, comfortable sofas and chairs, flat screen TVs, and kitchen and dining areas that are outfitted with the necessities.


Guests do not pay utility deposits or waste time waiting for vendors to complete their connections. That is the corporate housing providers responsibility. However, utilities for the apartment are included in the price of the apartment, making billing easy and stress free for the guest.

Advantages of Corporate Housing

Privacy, spaciousness, and fully furnished apartments are standard benefits, but did you know corporate housing facilities are known for additional perks such as community amenities, pet parks, and money saving conveniences?

Corporate housing offers a quieter, less transient environment than a hotel, but does include many of their amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and business center. These properties tend to be less crowded than hotels.

A growing number of Americans are now bringing their pets with them when they travel. While many accommodations in the hospitality industry do not allow pets unless they are service animals, corporate housing facilities typically offer pet-friendly locations, and some include dog parks and pet washing stations.

Saving money is a concern for guests on per diem stipend. With a full kitchen in the apartment equipped with major appliances, pots and pans, tableware, utensils, and glassware, it is easy to save money by cooking meals in the comfort of your own space. Professional laundry service is not an added expense because all corporate housing accommodations have a washer/dryer, iron, and ironing board.

Things to Look for In a Corporate Housing Provider

When it comes to looking for a reputable corporate housing provider, there are fundamental points to consider, which are customer service and customization of stay.

A reputable company will have a top-notch team that is both customer-centric and detail oriented. This combination defines corporate housing as a unique experience, enabling them to anticipate and cater to the specific needs of business professionals and executives.

The corporate housing provider’s ability to customize a guest’s experience should be standard. In other words, they should be able to offer features such as additional housekeeping, conversion of a bedroom into an office, upgrading to a sofa bed, or even the inclusion of a playpen for a toddler.

These valued touches are part of the reason more business professionals are choosing to leave hotels behind. Whether you are traveling for business or searching for housing when relocating the family, corporate housing can be the ultimate temporary destination featuring the creature comforts of home.


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