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How Can Recruiters Benefit From Working With A Corporate Housing Company

How Can Recruiters Benefit From Working With A Corporate Housing Company

Recruiters looking to maintain a competitive edge on securing the best and brightest talent should be proactive by working with a reputable corporate housing company. Recruiters and human resource departments play a key role in both hiring and coordinating temporary housing opportunities for interns. Those who need to relocate for employment will be incentivized by having the company provide them with a lodging solution, transportation and valuable information on the local area.

The Benefits of Recruiters Working with a Corporate Housing Company for Interns

Recruiters and human resource departments carry a heavy load when it comes to getting interns integrated within the company and ready to hit the ground running. Working with a corporate housing company to facilitate an intern’s lodging yields the following benefits: 

  1. Owning the competitive edge on attracting interns to the company
  2. Delegating temporary housing arrangements saves valuable time
  3. Prove interns with a fully furnished corporate apartment that includes utilities, streaming TV, high-speed internet and more
  4. Enjoying the flexibility of extending a stay for an intern if need be

Another advantage to working with a corporate housing company to facilitate temporary lodging is their ability to be the primary contact for questions the intern may have, such as: 

  • Where is the residence and what does the surrounding area offer?
  • How far away is the residence from the office and what are the available transportation options?
  • Do they need to bring anything with them?
  • Are utilities included?
  • What amenities will their lodging include?
  • Will they be sharing the apartment with another intern?
  • Can they stay at the apartment if their internship runs longer than planned?

Recruiters providing a corporate housing contact that an intern can coordinate lodging details with relieves the workload and provides both parties with a crucial aspect of lodging—wellbeing!

The Benefits to a Business When Their Interns Have Access to Established Corporate Housing

While recruiters reap quite a few benefits from working with a corporate housing company, the perks do not stop here. In fact, the business typically gains two main advantages that can make the workplace more positive and productive, including: 

  1. Faster Employee Assimilation. Most internships are occupied by younger individuals who have recently graduated college or university, ready to start making their way into the business world. The change can be a significant one, requiring a change in geographical location and housing. However, a company that secures housing through a reputable corporate lodging company helps interns assimilate to their new surroundings faster, which makes interns happier and more productive on the job.
  2. Intern Retention. Without support from the company, it is easy to become overwhelmed, which could cause someone to rethink the internship. Losing a talented intern can cost companies hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Fortunately, providing temporary lodging goes a long way towards helping them adjust to the new surroundings with ease, making them more inclined to stay the duration and beyond, if given the opportunity.

Once an internship program is established, it generally continues to grow and becomes widely recognized by future interns. Having interns that assimilate to the job faster and experience increased job retention creates a brighter future for your company.

What Features Corporate Apartments Offer Interns

One of the hallmarks of corporate housing is the ability to make a guest feel welcome with all the comforts of home. Some of the features that interns appreciate include: 

A Multi-Room Apartment

These units are designed to give guests several rooms in which to divide their time rather than in one-room like a hotel. Corporate apartments feature a primary bedroom, bathroom, living area, washer and dryer in the unit, full-sized kitchen, a separate dining area, and a second or third bedroom if needed.

Fully Furnished Apartment

These living spaces are designed to make a guest feel right at home with tasteful and comfortable furnishings and decor. With a fully furnished apartment, there is little outside of clothes and food that guests need to bring with them.

Full-Sized Kitchen and Dining Area

Interns are often in money saving mode and appreciate a full kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, oven, stove, and microwave. It also features cookware and tableware as well as a private dining area. This allows guests to cook and eat at their convenience, as well as save money.

Private Washer and Dryer

With college behind them, most interns are not keen on spending hours at a public laundromat. Having access to a private washer and dryer enables an intern to do laundry when they wish, and in the privacy of their own apartment.

Complimentary Wi-Fi and Streaming TV

Interns can work from home, surf the net, or watch a streaming channel as complimentary Wi-Fi and streaming TV is included.

Access to Amenities

Typically, corporate housing rentals are in properties that offer a wide range of resident amenities such as a fitness center, public lounges and a swimming pool. As a resident, interns will have access to all the public spaces on the property.

Working with a reputable corporate housing company is a win-win for recruiters and human resource managers who want to attract a higher caliber intern.


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