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Benefits to Realtors Who Work with Corporate Housing Providers

Benefits to Realtors Who Work with Corporate Housing Providers

With the housing market booming and the industry recording sales and purchases of properties at record rates, there are many benefits to realtors who work with corporate housing providers. Realtors are in the business of finding and selling homes for their clients, and sometimes the buying and selling process can overlap, leaving a homeowner in need of temporary housing.

Whether this need is due to a lumber shortage or a timing issue on closing dates, it can be a great relief for realtors to connect their clients with a reputable corporate housing provider that offers fully furnished, upscale apartments with flexible leasing terms in the interim.

Real Estate Situations That Could Require Temporary Housing

In the business of real estate, the goal is to buy or sell and move on. However, this process does not always move as seamlessly as agents and their clients would like. Some of the more common situations that might require an agent to need to arrange temporary housing for their clients could include:

  • Appraisal, title, or survey issues
  • Delayed closings
  • Home building that is behind schedule
  • Labor shortages
  • Materials shortages
  • Impractical contract dates
  • Unfinished repairs
  • Weather delays

In many of these cases, move in day is delayed and can start a domino effect that can result in being without a place to stay until the new home is ready. When a realtor has a viable solution for their client, the experience can remain positive for everyone involved.

Benefits to Realtors Who Work with Corporate Housing Providers

While some situations are beyond a real estate agent’s control, there are ways to help a client who is temporarily without a home. Being connected to a source that can provide clients with fully furnished temporary homes in the interim is a huge benefit to realtors who work with corporate housing providers.

Some of the primary benefits to realtors include: 

  1. Housing options for clients experiencing construction or closing delays on new homes. This is often logistically and emotionally frustrating for clients who are unexpectedly between homes. Rather than just sympathizing with their client, a resourceful realtor will be able to quickly connect them with fully furnished housing options.
  2. Fast and easy processing. Once a realtor has an established relationship with a corporate housing provider, it enables them to quickly and easily help their clients settle in to their temporary home. This faster processing time is key and can help the realtor’s clients feel more in control of the situation.
  3. Paid referral fees. As an additional perk, many realtors receive paid referral fees for working with corporate housing providers.
  4. Discounted rates for longer stays. Especially for realtors who work with a specific temporary lodging provider, the corporate housing company frequently agrees to offer their clients discounted rates, particularly for longer stays.

When combined, these benefits to realtors who work with corporate housing providers make sense for the real estate agents themselves, as well as the clients that they serve.

Benefits of Corporate Housing to A Realtor’s Clients

In addition to a partnership being an obvious win for a realtor, it also needs to be beneficial for an agent’s clients. Some of the benefits for clients can include: 

  • A spacious and fully furnished property that feels like home. Rather than sacrificing the comforts of home because of a delay, guests can enjoy a fully furnished apartment that is designed with the comforts of home.
  • Private washer and dryer. A realtor’s clients will find that being able to wash and dry clothes in the privacy of their own living space a key to feeling at home. This makes spending hours at a public laundromat unnecessary and allows the convenience of doing laundry whenever the guest wishes.
  • Full-sized, private kitchen. Part of the allure of home is being able to prepare a delicious home-cooked meal. Fully furnished corporate apartments feature all major appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, stoves, microwaves, and dishwashers, as well as cookware, tableware, and glassware.
  • Extra perks. Many corporate housing facilities also offer perks to guests such as being pet friendly and offering onsite swimming pools and fitness centers.
Benefits to Realtors Who Work with Corporate Housing Providers 2

What Realtors Should Look for In a Corporate Housing Company

It is critical for realtors to note that not every corporate housing company may be a good fit for them and their business. It is vitally important that an agent ensure the provider they choose is:


It is best to select a company who has several years or more of experience in assisting guests with corporate housing.


The company a realtor chooses to work with can be an extension of their own professionalism, so take the time to find a well recommended company with a sterling reputation.

Has a wide reach.

It is wise to partner with a provider that has a national presence to provide the realtor’s clients with more options.

The benefits to realtors who work with corporate housing providers are more than just convenient, they could potentially elevate an agent’s business. Reach out today to find out more on the valuable potential of this business relationship.


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