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Why Do Companies Choose Corporate Housing

The business that wonders why do companies choose corporate housing is likely missing out on the many benefits of working with a business lodging company. Work-related travel has increasingly become the norm for those in the corporate sector causing temporary lodging for executives to be in high demand, not only for the employees using it, but also for companies assigning it, and with good reason.

Why Do Companies Choose Corporate Housing?

When successful companies have multiple lodging options for their employees, why do companies choose corporate housing? In short, the answer is affordable convenience. From making the arrangements to paying for housing to ensuring an employee’s comfort, professional corporate lodging companies can make the experience a win-win for both businesses and their employees.

Some of the top reasons companies choose corporate housing typically include:


While travel may be part of a company’s key to success in the business world, there is additional work at hand as well. Balancing it all can be difficult, driving many companies to delegate the corporate housing part of the equation.

Cost Effectiveness

There are many options available for executives traveling for work, but when doing so on a longer-term basis, there are few options as cost effective as corporate lodging, especially when considering the level of versatility and space. For most companies, money saved is more funds going toward their bottom line.


Just as employees come in all different shapes and sizes, so will their needs when it comes to temporary housing. Because this type of lodging offers versatile options such as fully furnished, partially furnished, or no furnishings included, it meets the majority of most employees’ needs regardless of their furnishing preferences. A variety of types of housing are also generally offered including condos, apartments, townhomes, and houses.


Corporate housing is specifically intended to accommodate a business executives’ needs which includes flexibility in the duration of a person’s stay when given adequate advance notice. If it takes longer to close the deal or get the new office up and running, this type of housing can generally offer a greater degree of flexibility than other hospitality options.

Faster Employee Assimilation

An employee that is more content with their lodging type and furnishings is apt to assimilate to their new surroundings with more ease and speed. For this reason, many corporate housing companies provide special destination services for relocations such as neighborhood and community tours.

Higher Rate of Employee Productivity

Traveling for work can be draining for individuals but feeling more relaxed in their off-duty surroundings can make them feel more rejuvenated and at home. With these higher levels of satisfaction often comes a higher rate of productivity at work that companies crave from their employees.

Types of Assignments Companies Choose for Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is used across dozens of industries including banking, construction, energy, entertainment, finance, government, healthcare, military, manufacturing, professional services, and technology. As unique as these industries are in what they do, they frequently share a common need for temporary lodging in one of the following forms:

Short Term Assignments

These generally require anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Long Term Assignments

This type of assignment is generally an extended one that can last several months to a year.


For graduating college students or young members of the workforce, a temporary internship can require housing of several months to a year, depending on the company they are interning for.


Employees that are being transferred or relocated for their job can require corporate housing for anywhere from a month to a year while they look for permanent housing in a new city.

Top Reasons Employees Prefer Their Employer Use Corporate Housing

Aside from the above benefits of companies using corporate housing, it can also be a bargaining chip when it comes to attracting new talent. Particularly when travel is involved, employees take into account the types of lodging and travel services their employer will assist with. In short, the top reasons employees prefer their employer use corporate housing include:

  1. Included utilities. The last thing an employee traveling long term for work wants to do is spend time setting up utilities for their temporary housing. Utilities such as electricity, water, gas, high-speed internet, WiFi and streaming TV services are included with corporate lodging, and this convenience can save employees valuable time.
  2. More space. Other hospitality options for travel can be restricting in space and movement. However, with most corporate housing options offering a bedroom, bathroom, living room, laundry area, full-size kitchen, and separate dining area, guests can spread out and enjoy more space than would be found in a hotel room.
  3. Amenities. Corporate lodging facilities offer a wide range of amenities, with some pet-friendly properties, to state of the art fitness centers and swimming pools and even a business center. Each of these properties are designed to make guests feel more at home even while on the road for work.
  4. Full-size kitchen. When traveling for work for months at a time, eating out for every meal can be hard on the waistline and an individuals’ overall health. For this reason, a full-size kitchen with all the modern essentials is a huge plus for guests who want the ability to cook and eat their meals in the privacy of their own space, whenever it is most convenient.
  5. Privacy. Whether a guest requires privacy to finish up work they brought home from the office or they just need some quiet time to rejuvenate, corporate housing can offer both to a greater degree than other hospitality options.

Why do companies choose corporate housing? This choice is typically made to keep employees happy, thriving, and flourishing in their personal and professional lives so they can help successfully add to a company’s bottom line.

If you work for a corporation who needs assistance in coordinating lodging arrangements for its employees, or you are an employee who would like to present the option of corporate housing to management, reach out to a reputable and professional corporate lodging company today.


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