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Corporate Housing Explained

Hundreds of millions of Americans log domestic and international business trips each year, and making arrangements for lodging can be easier than ever with multiple corporate housing options available. The goal of fully furnished corporate housing is to provide business travelers with a location, type of lodging, and furnishings that best meet their needs and help them feel at home. One of the best features of corporate housing is that arranging it can be delegated to a professional company who specializes specifically in accommodating business professionals.

Corporate Housing Explained

Most professional corporate housing companies offer clients a variety of lodging options that can range from a standard apartment to a luxury apartment to a townhome, with more choices in between. It is key to choose a company that excels in providing first class accommodations regardless of where business takes you.

The most common types of corporate housing include:

Standard apartments

Luxury apartments



Single-family house

Corporate housing typically has two options in terms of furnishings:


1. Fully furnished. Housing that is fully furnished is designed to make a space as move in ready as possible. Each home or apartment comes already outfitted with furniture, housewares, linens, washer, dryer, internet, and utilities.

Residences at Riverfront Landing-Nashua NH - Bedrooms will be styled to your specs

2. Unfurnished. Guests who choose unfurnished lodging typically bring their own furnishings with them but the apartments will include utilities. This option is frequently popular with those on a tighter or more limited budget.

Whether a guest selects furnished or unfurnished housing, they can generally choose from one-, two- or three-bedroom accommodations. 

The length of a guest’s stay is also important to clarify upfront. Communicate to a corporate housing company if you need a short term stay of one to three months, or a longer term stay of more than three months. This will allow the corporate housing company to negotiate the best rate on your behalf.

The last piece of information needed is the client’s desired housing location. Some individuals prefer to be located close enough to the office to arrive via walking while others prefer to be located in a more residential neighborhood where they may soon be living permanently. 

With these preferences in mind, a corporate housing company can find housing in cities that matches your preferences to make you feel more comfortable while away from home, all while you remain focused on the work at hand.

South Lamar Town House - Austin TX

Why Choose Corporate Housing for Your Travel Needs?

Business professionals traveling for work have options when it comes to where to stay, but corporate housing is quickly becoming a popular option with benefits for both guests and their employers.

From the business traveler’s standpoint, corporate housing is generally more business minded and is designed to accommodate those specific needs. These facilities generally offer a higher degree of privacy and quieter settings than other mainstream options. For those that choose fully furnished housing, each space is tastefully decorated to provide the key comforts of home that go beyond basic amenities.

Employers can also benefit from utilizing corporate housing for their employees because long term stays are generally less expensive, there is more flexibility when it comes to lease terms, and some extended stays may even offer a tax break depending on the location and length of stay.

Windsor at Turtle Creek - Dallas TX

Popular Corporate Housing Amenities

One of the primary goals of corporate housing is to allow guests to mimic their routines of home as much as possible, even when traveling for work.

For this reason, the amenities of corporate housing are thorough and should include most of the following:

Free parking.
Particularly if a guest’s housing is located in the heart of a large city where parking meters are typically used, free parking is an added bonus.

High speed Wi-Fi.
Business professionals may bring work home from the office with them. If they do, their corporate housing option should offer high speed Wi-Fi to enable them quick and dependable access to the internet.

Multi-room living space.
Even in one-bedroom temporary housing, guests also have their own private bathroom, living room, full-sized kitchen, and separate dining area which allows them all the comforts of home.

For those who prefer a fully furnished apartment, their living space will be complete with furnishings such as a bed, nightstands, a sofa, end tables, lamps, television, etc.

Full-sized kitchen.
This is a large reason why corporate housing is so attractive to the modern executive. Not only does it come already furnished with cookware, tableware, and large appliances such as a refrigerator and oven, it allows guests to prepare and eat their food in the comfort of their own living space. A full-sized kitchen is a valuable asset for those on long term assignments who do not wish to eat out for nearly every meal.

Personal washer and dryer.
Most guests travel with enough outfits to get through a week or two, which means they will have to do laundry at some point during their stay. Rather than pay top dollar to send out laundry or spend hours at a local laundromat, guests can do their laundry in the privacy of their own space at a time that is most convenient for them. In addition to a washer and dryer, an iron and ironing board are also included.

Additional Services to Look for in a Corporate Housing Provider

Sometimes business involves just traveling and sometimes it can require a relocation. For this reason, it is highly recommended to choose a corporate housing company that offers additional services suited for relocations, such as:

  • Aiding transferees with departure services such as disconnecting utilities and collecting deposits
  • Finding temporary housing until a permanent home is decided upon
  • Having access to licensed real estate brokers
  • Helping transferees familiarize themselves with their new location via destination services

With corporate housing explained, business travel suddenly looks more manageable. This option is even better when partnering with a reputable corporate housing company. The advantages of fully furnished corporate housing keeps business on track, while offering guests a comfortable space to unwind and relax.

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