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Business Travel Solutions

In an increasingly mobile corporate world, important business travel solutions aren’t complete without high-quality corporate housing. Executives are looking for accommodations that both meet their needs for access to business amenities, as well as offering all the comforts of home, regardless of where business takes them. Working with a company that specializes in corporate housing can provide high levels of customization for guests with specific preferences, something that does not come with every lodging option within the hospitality industry.

When it comes to finding the best business travel solutions, work with a professional provider instead of settling for the typical hotel. Success at the office and relaxation in your fully furnished apartment are possible when partnering with a reputable corporate housing provider.

Executive Housing for Business Travel Solutions

Executive housing is one of the fastest growing trends in business travel solutions because of the comfort and convenience it affords guests. These living quarters are designed to make guests feel at home while providing an atmosphere that is also conducive to business should a guest need to bring work home from the office. But there are far more perks and advantages to executive housing than these.

The top nine reasons corporate housing is a preferred business travel solution include:

  1. Continuity. Whether work travel takes executives to another city or state, they can rely on a certain amount of continuity if their corporate housing provider offers accommodations in all three situations. This gives guests confidence in knowing the services offered, amenities provided, and customer service standards.
  2. Location choices. Most corporate housing companies have diverse offerings when it comes to location. Those who wish to be closer to the office and downtown often prefer more urban locations for their stay. Individuals who utilize executive housing while they are in the midst of relocating may prefer to live in a more residential part of town that is closer to the neighborhoods and school districts they may eventually be in.
  3. Options for type of housing. Instead of staying in a cookie cutter style room of a hotel chain, guests opting for executive housing can choose from several housing options that could include a corporate apartment, a condo, or a townhome.
  4. Number of rooms. While other options in the hospitality industry offer primarily a one room or suite situation, this business travel solution offers guests multi room layouts ranging from a one-bedroom to a three-bedroom unit. This can be particularly helpful for those who will be traveling with family as a multi room unit ensures there is enough space for everyone.
  5. Furnishings. While the type of temporary housing a guest chooses can vary, there are only two options for furnishings: unfurnished and fully furnished. Dwellings that are unfurnished are popular with executives that are in the middle of a relocation as it allows them to bring their own personal belongings and furnishings to make the space feel a little more like home for their displaced family. Fully furnished living quarters are preferred by most business travelers because it provides a well decorated and comfortable living space that does not require them to bring anything more than their basic personal belongings. Most executive housing features a bedroom, full bathroom, living area, full size kitchen, and a separate dining area. A fully furnished apartment includes necessary linens, towels, bathmats, furniture, sofa, end tables, lamps, and more.
  6. Flexible lease terms. Because some big box hospitality providers see a continuous influx of guests, some of which are leisure oriented rather than business minded, there can be an issue with extending a guest’s stay if needed. On the other hand, because executive housing is specifically geared towards business guests, with advanced notice there is typically a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to adjusting lease terms.
  7. Full kitchen. One of the primary challenges of working at a temporary office away from home is the money and added pounds eating out for three meals a day can cost, especially when a guest’s stay is for longer than a month. For this reason, worthwhile business travel solutions like corporate housing offer a fully functional kitchen that comes with full sized modern day appliances such as a refrigerator, oven, stove, microwave, and dishwasher. In addition, each living unit is stocked with cookware, tableware, and glassware so that guests can cook their own meals and sit down at a proper table or counter to enjoy them.
  8. Washer and Dryer. A common complaint of those who travel for work is either wasting hours on end at the local public laundromat or spending money on professional laundry services. Corporate housing offers a private washer and dryer in every unit, which enables guests to simply do laundry at their leisure and in the privacy of their own apartment.
  9. Special amenities. Some guests are looking for special amenities such as access to a swimming pool or fitness area. Others may require special accommodations to be able to bring their furry friends with them for the duration of their stay. In many cases, this is attainable if the guest gives their corporate housing provider ample notice and time to make the necessary accommodations.

While the above are welcome services and amenities for most business travelers, they can be particularly so for those traveling with their families due to a relocation or combining business with pleasure.

True business travel solutions should match a guest’s preferences and needs with customization options. Those that only offer a one room living space and no in-home kitchen or private laundry area may only qualify as a solution in the loosest sense of the word.

Business travelers should not have to sacrifice the comforts of home just because they are on the road for work. Take back your out-of-town trips and make them work for you again. It will be worth it!

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