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Environmental Sustainability

Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates (MCHA) believes pressing environmental issues facing our world today are shaped by both human and natural factors and interconnected with everything from the global economy to local cultural practices. Becoming a sustainable company therefore requires continuous and multi-level strategies in the way we live, lead, and conduct business.

As a provider of serviced apartment rentals, MCHA makes a commitment to assist in every way we can and in combination with our employees, vendors and rental properties, to make the highest level of positive environmental impact with our day-to-day operations. By joining forces around the globe with our housing sites, vendors, dedicated employees, and clients who agree that with the integrity and power of many adhering to these principles and practices, we will have the greatest impact in improving the quality of the environment for the sustainability of all.

Environmental Sustainability Policy, Principles, and Practices

  • Reducing energy consumption
    • Installation of programmable thermostats;
    • Use of LED lighting;
    • Limiting and/or grouping necessary transportation (deliveries, adjustments, pick up’s);
    • Offering comfortable options with features requiring no commute (onsite gyms, game rooms, pools, etc.)
    • Subletting long term furnished housing for shorter-term (backfilling after a departure);
    • Encouraging carpooling and mass transit
  • Reducing waste
    • Donating reusable furniture and housewares;
    • Recycling equipment;
    • Working remotely;
    • Minimizing printing;
    • Recycling “safe” paper
  • Reducing water consumption
  • Commitment to clean water
    • Efficient lavatories;
    • Filtered tap water to drink;
    • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies

MCHA is committed to Clean Water and Sanitation,

Affordable and Clean Energy, and Decent Work and Economic Growth!

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