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How Corporate Furnished Apartments Save Companies Money

How Corporate Furnished Apartments Save Companies Money

An increasing number of businesses are sending their employees far and wide for work travel that requires overnight stays, which makes it essential to understand how corporate furnished apartments save companies money. Fortunately for employers, modern employees are turning to corporate housing in growing numbers, thanks to the many benefits. This trend is a win-win for businesses who want to save money while also keeping their employees happy when away from home for work.

11 Ways How Corporate Furnished Apartments Save Companies Money

Business travel has become a way of life in the United States for employees of small and large companies. However, there can be an art to managing housing for these business trips so that they add to instead of take away from a company’s bottom line. Fortunately, by working with the right professional corporate housing company, saving money may be easier than an employer thinks.

Some of the ways in which corporate furnished apartments save companies money include:

  1. No Extra Fees for Furniture Delivery or Decorating. An employee that requires corporate furnished housing may need a living space that is more complete in its décor and functionality than what a hotel room or vacation rental can offer. Corporate apartments can be fully furnished and decorated to closely resemble the comforts of home and do not require extra fees for furniture delivery or decorating.
  2. Furniture Does Not Have to Be Switched Between Guests. Fully furnished corporate apartments come with all the furnishings needed and some special added touches which make them attractive to guests. This saves a company money from having to switch out furniture pieces in between guests. The same furniture and décor can stay in place with excellent cleaning protocol in between for added safety.
  3. Amenities and Utilities Are Part of All Inclusive Billing. Since corporate housing is geared towards the business traveler and the employers they work for, basic amenities and utilities are already included. This prevents an employer from having to coordinate turning on electricity, cable or streaming services and high-speed internet. Additional perks typically include access to the on-site fitness center and/or swimming pool.
  4. More Affordable Short and Long Term Housing. Available options for temporary lodging for work include hotels, vacation rentals, or corporate furnished apartments. The latter is one of the most cost-effective options for both short- and long-term stays, in part because they are specifically designed toward the business traveler and offer flexibility in terms of a lease.
  5. Larger Square Footage for Less Money. Hotel rooms are confining with just one room and a bathroom, and many guests can feel suffocated by the small space. While some hotels may offer suites, the upgrade can come with a substantial price hike for employers. Corporate furnished apartments can save companies money by offering a full-sized apartment with everything needed already included.
  6. Less Dependence on Transportation Due to Closer Proximity to Work. Corporate furnished apartments are usually located in key areas such as business districts or close to major businesses in a city. This can keep an employee from requiring reimbursement for a rental car or taxicab fare as their temporary housing may be close enough to the office for them to simply walk.
  7. Streamlined Invoicing That Requires Less Time to Implement. When it comes to invoicing for corporate travel, it can be a headache to keep up with lodging invoices from a variety of different providers spread out across the nation and world. However, by using one professional corporate housing company to coordinate all their employees’ lodging needs, a company may be able to save money by shortening the amount of time it takes to gather and process domestic and international housing invoices.
  8. Meal Reimbursements. Anytime an employee is asked to travel away from their home, lodging and meals become expenses that a company becomes responsible for. Employees who submit receipts for eating out every single meal can get pricey in a hurry. To help keep the monetary and health costs of eating out for meals minimal, corporate furnished apartments offer private kitchens outfitted with modern appliances, cookware, and tableware. This allows guests to cook and eat in the comfort of their own apartment.
  9. Healthier Employees Require Less Time Off. A wonderful side effect of an employee cooking and eating more meals at their corporate furnished apartment instead of eating out is that it may be helpful in reducing portions, the number of calories consumed, and even the sodium content of food. Together, these small changes may contribute to a healthier employee, particularly for extended stays. This can help employers save money because a healthier employee tends to require fewer sick days each year.
  10. Faster Employee Assimilation. Feeling more at home even when traveling for work can put employees at ease. The more relaxed and comfortable an employee feels, the more comfortable they can become with their new surroundings and work environment. This increased speed of employee assimilation to their new location can yield a happier and more content traveler.
  11. Increased Employee Productivity. Ultimately, an employee who is happier with their temporary housing, is eating more balanced meals, and is sleeping better can result in increased productivity on the job. In this way, a more productive employee can also help a company save money.

Corporate Housing Amenities are a Plus for Relocations and Extended Stays

Whether a company is permanently relocating an employee who requires an interim stay at a fully furnished corporate apartment or they have an employee who needs temporary lodging for an extended stay, corporate housing offers a number of amenities that can make the experience more pleasant for the employee while still saving money.

Corporate furnished apartments are geared towards business professionals, so these spaces are outfitted in a manner that helps guests feel comfortable and relaxed while away from home. Inside the apartment, this includes provisions such as linens, towels, widescreen TVs, separate sitting areas, beds, tables, nightstands, appliances, cookware, tableware, and more. High-speed internet is included in case a guest needs to bring a little work home from the office.

Knowing how corporate furnished apartments save companies money is essential for employers. Business travel is a way of life but the choices an employer makes when it comes to corporate housing can make all the difference when it comes to their bottom line.


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