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The Benefits of Working with Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates

Each year millions of people travel or relocate for business and require domestic and international lodging accommodations. As such, the benefits of working with Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates are considered a gold standard for employers and employees alike. Our award-winning team is honored to assist businesses across the globe with innovative corporate housing solutions and quality customer service.

Whether you are an employer who requires assistance in settling workforce members in a new location, or you are an employee who needs help assimilating into a new city, MCHA can help.

Employer Benefits of Working with Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates

Employers can reap a variety of benefits by working with Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates, and this partnership can be advantageous for employees as well. Some of the perks of working with us to facilitate business travel and relocations for your workforce include:

Assistance with business trips and relocations

In medium size to larger companies, assisting employees with business trips and relocations can become a full-time job in and of itself. The logistics required to get one individual settled can be enormous when taking into consideration an employee’s needs of housing, transportation, access to a branch of their bank, possible language and culture lessons, and more. Being able to hand over such responsibilities to our capable hands allows an employer to spend their valuable time focusing on the work at hand with the confidence that corporate housing logistics will be properly handled.

Domestic and international corporate housing

It is growing increasingly common for business to transcend domestic borders, which is why MCHA is dedicated to also providing international corporate housing for employers.

More flexible lease terms

If an employee is traveling for the opening of a new corporate location that is then delayed or an employer needs more time with an employee for a specific project, the timeline for needing corporate housing can fluctuate. Since we cater to the business-minded, we understand that things can change on a dime. With some advance notice, we can typically offer more flexibility in accommodating extended stays when needed.

More productive employees

A new city, corporate office, and surroundings can be off-putting for even the most seasoned travelers when an assignment lasts for weeks or months at a time. This may even negatively impact their productivity at work. Employers can trust that MCHA is diligently working to handle lodging logistics so that employees can assimilate faster and with less disruption, yielding enhanced levels of productivity.

Tax benefits

Depending on the specific circumstances, some corporate housing arrangements may meet tax legislation regulations that enable a business to claim the cost of accommodations for an employee’s work-related travel.

Employee Benefits of Working with Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates

The party most directly affected when it comes to traveling or relocating for business is typically the employee. Regardless of whether they are traveling on a temporary basis or something more permanent, both frequently require substantial lifestyle changes. This is why MCHA is committed to catering to business employees, striving to make their experience a positive one.

Some of the employee benefits of working with Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates includes:

  • Delegation – An employee who is readying to be away for an extended time or is preparing for a move generally has more items on their to-do list than they have time for. However, with the help of a professional corporate housing company, employees can delegate the logistics of lodging and acclimation so they can focus on facilitating the business aspects of their endeavor.
  • Choices – Finding new lodging for an employee is not a one size fits all option. Whether an employee is traveling on their own or with a family in tow, their lodging needs can vary. With a number of different properties available, we are able to place people where they will feel the most at home.
  • Customization – In addition to choosing a preferred type of lodging, many employees may also have specific preferences regarding furnishings. We can help customize an employee’s experience by offering them both unfurnished and furnished housing options to fit their unique needs.
  • Inclusivity – We understand that our guests are moving to new housing with business in mind and do not have a great deal of time to focus on the details, which is why we offer spaces that already have utilities connected. This saves employees valuable time and allows for them to focus on more pressing aspects of the move.
  • Privacy – In stark contrast with many other hospitality options, our corporate housing solutions offer more opportunities for privacy. Each unit comes with a washer and dryer and a full-size kitchen with housewares and appliances. This enables our guests to do laundry, cook, and eat on their own schedule.
  • Amenities – In addition to a fully equipped kitchen complete with major appliances, cookware, and tableware, corporate housing offers coveted amenities such as access to a fitness center and swimming pool. We believe these are essential to an employee’s ability to unwind and destress as well as take better care of their health when traveling.
  • Pet friendly facilities – Regardless of whether the employee is traveling alone or with the family, we realize that furry friends can be part of the package too. We are proud to offer pet-friendly options for those individuals who need or want to travel with their pets.
  • Assimilation to new surroundings – Finding lodging is a huge component of corporate travel and relocation, but becoming familiar with and assimilating to new surroundings can be equally important. This is just one of the reasons we also offer destination services like neighborhood and city tours. This feature helps employees and their families become more familiar with their new location so it can start to feel like home faster.

We understand that employers and employees have lodging options when it comes to business travel, which is just one of the reasons why we go above and beyond to ensure the best experience possible. To learn more about the benefits of working with Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates, please call us today.


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