Business Travel

Road warriors have little time for nonsense in our fast-paced culture and we all want quick, reliable results. With Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates (MCHA), you gain the advantage of working with a housing specialist. With 19 years’ experience in international housing, MCHA will procure and then manage your stay in the best furnished temporary housing available. With boots on the ground, your lodging experience is unsurpassed in quality, comfort, and care – no matter where business takes you.

MCHA is the one company to call with your destination, arrival date and term, and the size you need to receive options that fit your requirements. Upon acceptance, a contract is sent outlining the scope of your request and agreement.

MCHA secures the accommodations and stays with you throughout your residence, handling maintenance, billing, and maintenance needs. Reap the rewards of working with the corporate housing professionals at Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates (MCHA) on your international lodging needed, with knowledgeable insight, excellent customer service, and flexible terms worldwide.