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Short Term Vacation Rentals

Those looking for short term vacation rentals would benefit from working with a corporate housing company that specializes in finding the best options available. When going on vacation, it is important to find lodging that can meet your needs, provide privacy, and be a haven after spending a day exploring your new surroundings. Reputable corporate housing companies know how to make your next trip a success with short term vacation rentals.

What to Expect from Short Term Housing Rentals

When embarking on a trip, it is no time to sacrifice the high standards of efficiency and excellence travelers should expect. One of the perks of enlisting the help of a professional corporate housing company is their detail-oriented approach to providing guests with amazing and convenient amenities such as the following:

Around the clock support

It is not uncommon for a guest to forget an item or have a question about their stay. We know those issues do not only arise between normal business hours, which is why twenty-four-hour support is offered.

Pet-friendly homes

Many short-term vacation rentals offer options for guests that prefer to travel with their pets. By giving the company advance notice, they may be able to find you a pet-friendly home with some green space for your pet to enjoy.

Free parking

Some vacation destinations can be crowded and offer limited parking or even charge for parking, which can put a damper on the festivities. Short term vacation rentals offer free onsite parking for guests so they can focus on enjoying their stay instead of wondering where to park.


With a flurry of activity and rushing out the door to start the day’s activities, sometimes a tidy home area can be the first thing to go. This is why housekeeping services are offered to guests intermittently during their stay. In addition, a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the premises will be performed in between guests.

Fully furnished multi room living areas

Corporate short term housing rentals are fully furnished with conveniences such as large, flat screen TVs, comfortable furniture, Wi-Fi and streaming services. Guests can spread out through a variety of rooms including the bedroom(s), bathroom(s), living room, full-sized kitchen, and dining area.

Full-sized kitchen

While it may be a vacation from home, there are times when cooking a meal and eating in is more convenient than going out to eat. Short term housing rentals offer a private kitchen outfitted with key appliances such as a refrigerator, oven, stove, microwave, coffee maker and more. For the convenience of guests, basic cookware, tableware, and glassware are also provided.

All inclusive pricing

It can be disheartening to find a great deal on short term housing rentals only to find out that hundreds of dollars of fees may still be added to that. A corporate housing company offering short term vacation rentals should have no upcharges and no hidden fees. And those who book a vacation stay for longer than 30 days can avoid hospitality taxes (in many locations) as well.

The amenities alone can make short term vacation rentals the option of choice for those looking to get away for a while.

Why Choose Short Term Vacation Rentals Over Other Hospitality Options?

Those who have spent any amount of time traveling and have stayed at a hotel, Airbnb, VRBO, or HomeAway, understand that each have their limitations.

Compared to an average hotel stay, short term vacation rentals offer some perks that the first does not. With multiple rooms, comfortable hand-picked furniture, tasteful décor, a private kitchen, a separate dining room, and a private washer and dryer for doing laundry at your convenience, it is not hard to see why short term vacation rentals come out ahead during a side by side comparison.

The ability to cook and prepare meals can save a family hundreds of dollars that would have gone to eating out over the duration of the trip. Those savings made by eating home cooked meals can then be applied to other activities, making a guest’s trip one to remember.

While many Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway facilities may offer the same spaciousness, they often lack an all-inclusive cost and may charge extra for housekeeping or cleaning services, which can quickly drive up the cost of a stay. Since many of these locations are run independently under a larger company’s umbrella, there can be differences in the level of services and professionalism a guest may experience. When making reservations for short term vacation rentals via a professional corporate lodging company, guests can have a greater degree of confidence in consistent service, excellence, and professionalism.

Advantage of Consistency when Working with a Corporate Housing Company for Vacation Rentals

When people travel, they have many hospitality choices for lodging, but it is important to realize the strengths and weaknesses of each option. Whereas hotels may offer some levels of consistency, there may not be comparable home-style amenities. While Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway may be spacious and have some amenities, independent owners of individual properties can vary with how they handle their services, extra fees, and charges.

There is an advantage of consistency when working with a corporate housing company for short term vacation rentals. These companies operate with the goal of providing guests with a convenient and comfortable stay while providing consistent levels of professionalism and certainty. Guests who have stayed with a particular company once, know that they can expect a similar experience each time they stay with them.

Short term vacation rentals offer a welcoming and pleasant experience for guests looking to make the most of their trip. Enlist the help of a corporate housing company today for your next rental and have confidence that the experience will be professional and meet your expectations. Life is an adventure into the great unknown, but your short-term vacation rental doesn’t have to be.

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