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Flood Displacement Relief Via Corporate Housing

For residents in Conroe, The Woodlands, Atascocita, and Kingwood Texas that have been affected by the May 2024 storms and flooding events, there is an option for housing relief via corporate housing. As a longtime business of Greater Houston, Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates has firsthand knowledge of the unpredictable weather in this part of the Gulf Coast and knows the best flood contingency preparations can still leave residents powerless against rising flood waters. Fortunately, we specialize in helping those displaced find affordable furnished housing options and are ready to help.

Conroe, Woodlands, Atascocita, and Kingwood Residents Experience Flood Displacement

What meteorologists thought would simply be a stormy and wet weather pattern for five to seven days turned into a major flooding event for people living north of Houston. The threat became three-fold: rain, tree damage, and rising flood waters.

  1. Rainfall related flooding. The rain came down quickly at rates of up to five inches an hour in some areas of Conroe, The Woodlands, Atascocita and Kingwood, which caused low-lying street areas to flood and, in some cases, resulted in water rising high enough to enter homes.
  2. Tree damage. The ground became so saturated in the hardest hit areas that trees either snapped from the weight of the water they absorbed, or they toppled over with their root base still intact. With the amount of rain that kept falling, homes that suffered from tree damage also suffered water damage.
  3. Flood waters. With lakes, rivers and creeks filling up quickly with extraordinarily high rainfall amounts, many bodies of water came out of their banks and began making their way south where they eventually flooded numerous communities.

Between the rainfall, tree damage, and flood waters, hundreds of people have been directly impacted, leaving them without a place to stay while they work with homeowners’ insurance and begin flood remediation. Thankfully, there is flood displacement relief available via furnished corporate housing.

Why Corporate Housing is Ideal When Displaced by Storms and Flooding

People whose homes are temporarily unlivable due to storms and flooding will need somewhere else to call home until the necessary repairs can be made. This leaves residents with four primary options for long-term temporary housing: a hotel, vacation rental home, an apartment, or fully furnished corporate housing.

While hotels are an option, high stress levels and emotions in a one-room living space can be overwhelming. Then, there becomes the issue of finding a hotel that can accommodate a potentially long-term stay at an affordable price. Unless the hotel offers the use of their laundry room, guests will need to ensure there is a laundromat close by. For those hotels who do not have a full kitchen featuring a stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher, it can mean additional costs when eating meals out every day. Another thing to consider is that not all hotels will be willing to accommodate pets.

Vacation rental homes are another alternative for displaced residents. While providing many of the comforts of home, it can be difficult to find one near you so that you are still close enough to your permanent home to participate in clean up efforts. Availability can also be an obstacle as some vacation rentals do not allow long-term guests, and those that do can come with a hefty price tag.

Apartments can initially seem like a plausible choice, but availability plus the fact that most apartment complexes require a 12-month lease rather than a month-to-month lease can pose significant issues for those already under a financial strain from this catastrophic flooding event. Unless the apartment is already furnished, it can also require guests to obtain basic furniture such as beds, seating, and kitchenware.

For many, the corporate furnished housing option makes the most sense. This type of temporary housing is usually available for months at a time rather than a year, although they can accommodate longer stays of up to a year or more if needed. This allows guests to pay for only the time they need housing instead of being locked into a long-term agreement. There is typically a variety of living spaces available through corporate housing, and the units come with a full kitchen and washer and dryer so guests can cook, eat, and do laundry in their private space. Additionally, corporate housing units are pet friendly  and offer several other attractive amenities.

What Displaced Families Can Expect from Corporate Housing

After being displaced due to storm damage or flooding, people need a temporary housing option that best meets their needs without causing further disruption to their daily lives, while also being affordable and close to their permanent home. We can help with flood displacement relief via corporate housing.

Depending on what area a person is seeking temporary housing and availability, they may be able to choose from the following types of homes:

  • Townhomes
  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Single-family homes

Each of these arrangements generally come with two options:

  1. Fully furnished. This is the choice most displaced individuals will choose because it comes with furniture, kitchen appliances, cookware, tableware, washer and dryer, linens, and utilities. This option removes the burden of the person having to find furniture to create a sense of home in their temporary place.
  2. When moving into an unfurnished unit, guests are required to provide their own furniture and housewares. This may not be a popular option for displaced individuals as they likely don’t have immediate access to furnishings and requires an additional expense.

Whether fully furnished or unfurnished, the units typically come in one to three-bedroom accommodations that include utilities with the rental.

However, the advantage to staying in temporary corporate housing is the abundance of amenities for guests, such as:

  • Excellent customer service. The goal of corporate housing is to create a worry-free experience for guests. Should someone have a question or a need, a customer service team stands at the ready to help however they can.
  • Multi-room living spaces allow guests to spread out between multiple rooms. This is particularly helpful for families of two or more so members can have some space and privacy.
  • Fully furnished units offer key comforts such as a bed, nightstands, lamps, end tables, sofa, television, tasteful décor, and more, which helps create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.
  • A full kitchen and separate dining area makes day-to-day life more comfortable. With modern appliances, cookware, and tableware, guests can still grocery shop, cook their own meals, and save money by eating at home.
  • A private washer and dryer are a big asset. Not only does this feature keep guests from having to take their clothing to a laundromat, but it also enables them to do laundry in the privacy of their own space whenever time allows. With washer and dryer availability in their home, guests can multitask by cooking and doing laundry at the same time, for example.
  • Many corporate housing units also come with access to a swimming pool and/or fitness center. This can be a great way for guests to relieve some of the stress associated with being displaced by the flood.
  • Pet-friendly options offer relief for families with pets. When displaced from flooding, our furry four-legged friends are also affected, and staying together is helpful for all involved. This is why many of our fully furnished homes are also pet-friendly.

During times of upheaval, like those caused by recent storms and flooding, we recognize the immense difficulties of being displaced from your home. At Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates, our hearts go out to those affected in Conroe, The Woodlands, Atascocita, and Kingwood.

We understand the complexities involved with navigating homeowners’ insurance and the emotional toll of displacement. That’s why we’re dedicated to being a beacon of support and assistance during this challenging time. Our team is here to lend a helping hand and provide practical solutions to ease your burden. Let us know how we can help!


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