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What expatriates and repatriates should consider for the most effective relocation

Returning to the U.S. after living abroad for a period of time can be a stressful time, full of mixedpassport-300x213 emotions. Your family life and daily routine are disrupted, and you might be totally unfamiliar with your new location. You might be feeling excited about being back on American soil, and uncertain about what your future holds.  You need guidance and information from a reliable source.

While you settle into your new city, you probably won’t want to jump into buying a home immediately, or even sign a long term rental lease. Give yourself time to research some basic information before you make a commitment to your next home.

  1. Housing conditions – What are the different neighborhoods like and how safe are they? What is the cost of living in different areas of the city, and what factors affect it?
  2. Schools – What are the average test scores of the public schools in the different parts of town? Take a look at this website to find out more about schools nationwide.
  3. Location – You may want to consider personal preferences, such as proximity to medical care and military bases. Don’t forget the basics, like the location of grocery stores and city parks, and the availability of public transportation.
  4. Community – Do you prefer to be near other repatriating families? Do you want to live in a community with certain amenities? What’s the “personality” of the housing areas you’re considering?

During the initial settling-in phase, it’s important for you to feel secure in the knowledge that you and your family are in safe surroundings, and that you have knowledgeable and helpful people to call on for help and information. This is where temporary housing comes in. Take your time searching for your next home, while you live in comfortable temporary housing, managed by a reputable company who understands your unique circumstances and needs. Talk to someone at Corporate Housing Associates, LLP to find out how we can help you with your relocation.


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