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How to find the right temporary housing for your business trip or vacation

Hotels are no longer your only accommodation option. These days, when you plan a business trip, or family vacation, you’ll find many alternatives to hotels, some of which will make you far more comfortable.  But how do you find the right housing to meet your needs?

Start by identifying what kind of visit it is, and what your needs will be. Will you be on vacation? If so, you might want to stay in a fun, artsy part of the city you’re visiting. If you are traveling on business, you might want to be close to your client’s office. In either case, perhaps you can save time and money by using public transportation rather than a rented vehicle, so you’ll want to look for a place easily accessible by public transit.

Think about the length of your stay and your other needs. If you prefer to cook your own meals, ask about cooking utensils and dishes, and Google the location of the nearest market. If you plan to stay for more than a few days, find out if the unit or complex has a laundry room and Google nearby dry cleaners.

The best way to ensure a pleasant stay is to book your temporary housing through a reputable agency like Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates. We will provide you with detailed information about all of our rentals. You won’t experience an unpleasant surprise upon arriving at any of our units. We offer outstanding accommodations at a price you can afford and no hotel can beat!

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We look forward to helping you find your next temporary home!


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