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Where to Stay While Undergoing a Home Renovation

Home renovations add value to a residence and improve the lives of the home’s occupants; however, they can also be challenging. Everyday routines become disrupted and living amongst construction can be overwhelming. Fortunately, homeowners have the option of corporate housing luxury accommodations. 

Who Benefits From This Type of Rental?

People assume corporate housing luxury accommodations are used by individuals traveling for business or those in-between homes. However, there are numerous reasons when corporate housing luxury accommodations are the perfect choice for an individual or family. 

Those whose residences are damaged or destroyed by natural disaster or fire benefit from these accommodations. In addition, insurance companies often cover the expense of the apartment while the residence is repaired or rebuilt. 

People who are having a home built experience construction delays, so corporate housing luxury accommodations will likely be needed. Furnished rentals are ideal in this situation. 

Length of Stay

One reason corporate housing luxury accommodations remain the preferred choice during a home renovation is that they can be leased month-to-month or week-to-week. This allows the guest to determine how long he or she will stay without incurring additional expenses. 


Many serviced rentals offer amenities guests have in their own home, e.g., a gym, a hot tub, or a washer/dryer. Many apartments allow pets, so choose which features are most important to you before choosing a corporate housing luxury accommodation.

Extended Stay Hotels

Another option is an extended stay hotel. These hotels re-create the feeling of home on a smaller scale. Keep this option in mind as many of the features found in corporate housing luxury accommodations are offered in extended stay hotels.

Temporary Rental Homes

Renovations may take longer than originally expected, so discuss all rental arrangements with the homeowner prior to renting a single-family home.

In addition, some rentals come furnished while others do not. The person renting the residence may have to bring his or her own furnishings, linens, and more. The joy of having a single-family residence could be outweighed by the complexities of moving belongings multiple times before the renovations are completed. 


The cost must be considered when obtaining any type of short-term accommodations. Most people have budget constraints, but with corporate housing luxury accommodations, they will find the perfect temporary home. 


Consider all items included in the price when comparing short-term housing.


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