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Remote Work Is Paving the Way of the Future

It may have started in earnest with the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, but now remote work is paving the way of the future. Businesses across the globe are turning to remote work or hybrid environments of remote and in-person work as the status quo. Yet, some components of business operations such as relocations or business travel will still be a common part of the lives of employees. This is where the attention to detail offered through fully furnished corporate housing can provide the biggest benefit to the employee.

How Remote Work Is Paving the Way of the Future

Before 2020, only a small percentage of the world engaged in working for a corporation from home. In subsequent years, that number has ballooned with an estimated increase of 240%.

At the onset of the pandemic, when most of the United States worked from home, it was out of necessity. However, as workplaces have begun opening back up, more employers are choosing to let their employees work on a remote basis. This is due in large part to key benefits to employers such as:

  • Corporate money savings. In 2020 alone, it is estimated that domestic employers saved billions each day. Much of these savings came from reduced energy usage of heating and air conditioning office buildings, as well as electricity required to power lights, computers, and other technology.
  • Increased employee productivity. Study after study is showing that employees who work remotely are typically yielding increased levels of productivity. While the exact reasons can vary, depending on the individual and the industry they work in, this seems to be a developing trend across the board.
  • Decreased employee turnover. As productivity goes up and employees experience benefits such as skipping the daily commute to the office, a byproduct of this can be that there is a decrease in employee turnover because employees feel like their needs are being better met.

In addition to remote work being advantageous for employers, it can also yield a financial advantage for employees. Especially considering quickly rising gas prices, employees are saving thousands of dollars each year in what they would have spent on commuting expenses. Outside of the obvious benefits of money savings for the employee, it is also an added convenience that can make working for those employers more attractive than those who do not offer remote work opportunities.

Comprehensively these advantages for both employers and employees are a major part of the equation for remote work paving the way of the future.

How Corporate Housing Companies Can Accommodate Remote Workers

Corporate housing companies are helping businesses assist their remote work employees every day through setting up an office or work space in a fully furnished apartment for remote or hybrid use. This is an ideal scenario for the following:


Employees who are in the process of relocating may not be able to find the permanent housing arrangements they are immediately looking for, depending on the market and availability. This is where corporate housing can step in and bridge the gap for the relocated employee and their family until they find permanent housing. For employees relocating and permitted to work from home, a professional corporate housing company can arrange for them to have access to a home-based office.



Employees being reassigned, either on a short term or long term basis, can be provided a home office in their fully-furnished apartment for increased convenience.


Interns or Co-Ops that will need use of a remote or hybrid work environment can make use of an in-home business office or desk set up in their fully furnished apartment as well.

In addition to accommodating employees with access to a office space or desk set up in their temporary lodging accommodations, corporate housing also offers additional amenities that help employees succeed at working remotely with minimal disruptions, such as:

  • Increased Privacy – Corporate housing options are designed with the consummate business professional in mind. With mostly business guests, these facilities can offer a greater degree of quiet and privacy than other hospitality options.
  • Washer and Dryer – Employees who have access to a washer and dryer can continue to do remote work while also doing laundry, instead of stopping to make time to go sit at a local laundromat.
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen – While lunch is generally a part of every employee’s day whether they are remote, hybrid, or in-person, having access to a private, full-sized kitchen inside the fully furnished apartment may make it more convenient to have a working lunch instead of having to pause work to go out and pick something up. Corporate housing kitchens are outfitted with cookware, glassware, and tableware as well as major appliances like a refrigerator, oven/stove, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker and toaster.

In some situations, it may be possible that a remote employee will be asked to make a business trip to attend to a specific or urgent matter. Corporate housing can provide a more secluded, private, and quiet business-oriented working space than other lodging options. While the employee may have to go into a workplace to visit with a client or meet with staff, when they are not required to be in-person they will have the advantage of being able to work from their office space at their private temporary accommodations.

Although once considered only a luxury, remote work is paving the way for the future and is quickly becoming the norm for many companies and their employees. The benefits that work from home or hybrid arrangement yields for both employer and employees can make it a win-win for all involved.

Do not let relocations, short or long term assignments, internships, or traveling for work leave you feeling out of options for remote work. In the end, corporate housing may be the perfect solution.


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