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Houston Tops the Strongest Job Markets in the US

Houston-Texas-Skyline2 (1)The current economy has been tough on everyone. It’s especially hard for families with a bread-winner who suddenly finds themselves without a job. If you’re in this difficult situation, it might be time to consider either relocating or telecommuting to a stronger job market. According to a recent article in the “Bloomberg Businessweek” publication, Houston has one of the top job markets in the United States. In fact, a healthy 21% of the employers in this Texas city are expecting to hire new employees in the coming third quarter of 2011.

Relocation Doesn’t Have to be Stressful
If you’re faced with this choice, your first concern will be the need to uproot your family. Even if it’s a result of financial necessity, this won’t be an easy choice. However, you can take steps to ease your family into this major life change. Depending on what your new employer will allow, you may be able to use a mix of telecommuting, long-distance commuting, and corporate housing to make this multi-phased move.

While not all employers allow their workers to telecommute, it’s a good option for anyone who’s contemplating a job with a remote company. Although you shouldn’t make this a deal-breaker, ask if it’s possible to telecommute even if it’s only on a part-time basis. If the company doesn’t have an official policy, be prepared to supply your own equipment and Internet connection if they make an exception in your case. This is a great chance to see if your new job is a good fit before relocating your entire household.

Long-Distance Commuting
Many people choose to commute to their new city for a period of time before moving the family. In addition to making sure they made the right decision when taking the job, it allows the kids to finish out the school year with their friends and gives a spouse time to finish their job obligations and begin a new search of their own. Instead of staying in a hotel room for each week before returning home for the weekend, try renting a short-term apartment. This option provides additional space and privacy while saving a little bit of money for your permanent move. It will also be a convenient home base if your family decides to visit to explore their new city prior to the move.

Corporate Housing
Just because your family is ready to move, it doesn’t mean that everyone is ready to choose a permanent neighborhood. Instead of rushing into a decision, why not use corporate housing for a few months? This plan allows everyone to sample each section of Houston before deciding on a preferred area. A final decision should involve finding out more about the school districts, the local employment and entertainment opportunities, and even the shopping. While you’re discovering all that Houston has to offer, you’ll be able to relax in your rental home. In many cases, you can find corporate housing that provides all the comforts of home, and sometimes more, including fully-equipped kitchens, linens, cable, gyms, and even pools.

Why Houston?
This is a fair question, and it deserves an answer. Houston is currently ranked at the top of strongest job market statistics. The unemployment rate is only 8.3%, but it’s expected to drop even further as the area’s major employers increase their hiring rate even more going into the third quarter of 2011. While many job markets are shrinking, this one continues to grow. In a recent study, jobs grew in this urban area at a rate of 38.3% year over year.

If you’re contemplating a move to a new area, Houston is a wonderful choice. Instead of making a hasty decision when purchasing a new home in this charming area, take advantage of convenient corporate housing. It will give both you and your family a little breathing room to make the best choice for everyone.

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