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5 Tips For A Safe Moving Experience

Moving day is around the corner and the excitement, disruptions and persnickety worries seem to be mounting.

Parents can make the day safe and fun for their children and keep their sanity with these 5 tips:

  1. Hire a babysitter or recruit family/friends to watch the children.
    When it is not possible to take children away from the home during the move, having someone to help you occupy their attention away from movers will keep them safe and offer you relieve throughout the day. Older siblings are wonderful recruits too!
  2. Keep treats and plenty of liquids handy.
    Keeping children hydrated and well-fed is half the battle! With all the activity going on they will be distracted and having treats will keep their energy up throughout the day.
  3. Make an emergency kit.
    Until you settle into your new home, you may not be able to find your things quickly. Pack a bag or suitcase with all the things that are essential for your family. Keep a change of clothes for each child, diapers, wipes, basic first aid kit, and favorite toy.
  4. Unpack a main living area at the new home.
    Pick a room in the new home to unpack and settle into first. Having a family or living room set with furniture and a few family essentials will help everyone transition into the new home and create a safe area for children to play while the rest of the home is being set up.
  5. Celebrate the end of the move.
    No matter how much you prepare your children for the move, some will be saddened to leave. Comfort them and let them know once the move is completed great things await them! Once the move is complete, take everyone out to dinner or for a special treat like ice cream or do a fun family activity like a visit to a local park. A family activity to break up a busy day before tackling unpacking is a welcome relief for everyone.


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