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Corporate Housing for Interns and Recruits

Corporate Housing for Interns and Recruits

Getting an internship or being recruited by a company is a huge step when it comes to career opportunities, and if this opportunity takes you to a new city, corporate housing may be the ideal solution for interns and recruits.

Housing Logistics for Internships and Employee Recruitment

As many internships and recruitment positions require a move to a different location, finding affordable long-term housing with flexible leasing arrangements takes more planning than most people think.

Some considerations to keep in mind when finding a place to live include:

  • Is housing available near the office and in a popular residential neighborhood?
  • How long will the commute be?
  • What is the timeline for which housing is needed?
  • Can you find a housing provider who will cater to that timeline and be flexible?
  • Is the apartment furnished?
  • What will I need to bring for the apartment?
  • How much will housing cost?
  • Are utilities included in that cost?
  • Are there any amenities offered and are they included in the cost of housing?
  • Will the new company pay for all or a portion of housing costs?
  • Will I be living alone or paired with a fellow intern?

Corporate housing for interns and recruits offers flexibility with many of the concerns listed above.

Advantages of Corporate Housing for Interns and Recruits

Interns and recruits have plenty of options when it comes to their living arrangements, but not all of them are created equal. When it comes to getting more space, leasing flexibility and the potential to save money, many are finding that corporate housing effectively meets their needs. Here are a few of the advantages of corporate housing for interns and recruits.

Location options.

Corporate housing offers apartments located in suburban neighborhoods and in the heart of the city. This allows interns and recruits to choose what works best for them.

Fully furnished apartments.

Having access to a fully furnished living space keeps expenses down. No new furniture, kitchenware, or huge moving van needed. Other than a few personal items, clothes, groceries, and toiletries the unit will be move in ready.

Built in utilities and amenities.

Guests are not required to set up or pay utilities as they are already included. Corporate housing also features amenities designed to help guests destress and relax, including swimming pools and fitness centers.

Private washer and dryer.

Having a washer and dryer in the unit is convenient and saves time as laundry can be done at the guest’s convenience.

Full-sized kitchen.

A full kitchen with a separate dining area allows guests to buy and store groceries so they can cook and enjoy meals in the comfort of their own living space. This is a particularly attractive feature for interns and recruits trying to stretch every dollar.

Benefits for Businesses That Provide Corporate Housing for Interns and Recruits

In fast growing industries, businesses are competing to attract a high caliber of interns and recruits, and the ability to connect them with viable and affordable corporate housing options can be key.

Some of the benefits to businesses providing corporate housing to their interns and recruits include:

  • Assimilating your employees faster. For interns fresh out of college, getting accustomed to a new city takes time. By providing a housing option that mimics the comforts of home, it can help interns assimilate to their new surroundings faster.
  • Saving your employees money. By providing a stipend for lodging, interns and recruits will be able to save a larger portion of their earnings. The amenities of a private washer and dryer and full-sized kitchen is an added bonus as interns can save money they would have spent at the laundromat or eating out for every meal.
  • Increased intern and recruit retention. Companies that provide the whole package in terms of an internship or opportunity that comes with a recommended housing option are more attractive because it makes their transition easier. The more invested a company is in an intern or recruit, and the more conveniences they provide, the more likely those individuals are to stay on with that company long-term.

If you have questions or would like more information about how corporate housing for interns and recruits works or how it could benefit your business, reach out today.


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