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Eight Perks of Choosing a Vacation Rental for Your Destination Wedding

Enjoy more freedom and relaxation with corporate housing

Is there anyone who doesn’t love a destination wedding?

Not only is it the perfect excuse for splurging on a guilt-free vacation, but with everything from accommodations to itineraries left up to the bride and groom, all guests have to do is show up in paradise.

The tricky part happens when you’re the one getting married. Juggling the many tastes and income levels of your guests to find the ideal lodging for everyone is a lot to handle. Of course, booking different hotels is always an option, but where’s the fun in scattering your guests around? Here are eight great reasons why a vacation rental is a better solution:

1. More Time Together
Before we even get to the rest of the list, being able to share your temporary home base with all of your friends and loved ones during the most special time of your life already makes renting a private home over a hotel the preferred choice.

2. More Room for Hanging Out
Unlike hotel lobbies, where guests have to share space with complete strangers, vacation rentals are full of cozy nooks that instantly feel like home.

3. Better Scenery for Pictures
Stately residential homes and their carefully manicured lawns usually make for much more memorable and beautiful group pictures than hotels and public places.

4. Higher Savings
Well-maintained rentals in popular vacation destinations may look more expensive than a typical hotel room, but after sharing the cost with some of your guests, don’t be surprised if your luxury rental actually costs less than a block of hotel rooms.

5. More Privacy
With your own private rental, you can celebrate long into the night, without the restrictions of a public location.

6. Cooler Amenities
Let’s face it: Even the nicest hotel rooms don’t come with your own private pool, game room, and backyard barbecue pit, but rental homes in all sizes and price brackets routinely have all of that and so much more.

7. Easier Parking
It’s not uncommon for hotels in holiday hot spots to have limited parking, which translates to guests having to pay for parking or having to park in dim, out-of-the-way lots. Vacation rentals that are geared toward events often boast larger-than-life garages and additional outdoor spots on the grounds.

8. Hassle-Free Wedding
From the rehearsal to the ceremony to the reception, a private vacation rental can play host to every part of your wedding, which makes it the perfect all-in-one venue for couples on a budget.


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