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Business Travel and Corporate Housing in a Post COVID World

Business Travel and Corporate Housing in a Post COVID World

Business travel and corporate housing in a post COVID world may look a little different than it did before the pandemic, but in many ways new changes have made corporate housing a more attractive option than ever before. While cleaning and sanitizing have always been a priority for reputable companies, the pandemic has only bolstered these policies, giving many business travelers valuable peace of mind when working away from home.

The Top 5 Advantages to Choosing Corporate Housing in A Post COVID World

As more cities and states begin to open back up across the nation, business executives are starting to travel again and are learning firsthand that there are perks to choosing corporate housing in a post COVID, world such as: 

  1. Dedication to Cleanliness and Disinfection. Keeping living spaces clean and disinfected was a priority for the industry before the pandemic began, but in response to COVID-19 they have become even more committed to establishing proper protocol for effective cleaning and disinfection.
  2. In-House Services Promoting Social Distancing. Corporate housing facilities offer practical social distancing options valuable to clients wishing to limit their exposure to crowds. With a full-sized kitchen equipped with necessary appliances, cookware, and utensils, this feature allows guests to make and store meals in the comfort of their own space so they do not have to eat at a crowded restaurant. This type of temporary housing also offers an in-apartment washer, dryer, and ironing supplies so guests can do their own laundry in the comfort of their individual living space instead of visiting a busy laundromat.
  3. Comfort. Since many business executives require corporate housing for extended periods of time, these facilities are designed to provide guests with a sense of comfort and well being during their stay. Each apartment features more square footage than other hospitality options as it offers a private bedroom, living room, and a full kitchen. This gives guests room to spread out and enjoy the comforts of each room in a space that is their own for the duration of their stay.
  4. Non-transient Nature and Neighborhood Acclimation. While hotels and Airbnbs tend to see frequent turnovers from guest to guest in relatively short periods of time, corporate housing is utilized by businesspeople requiring 30 days to a multi-month stay. Guests can take comfort in knowing that these living spaces typically do not see the level of foot traffic or unique visitors as hotels. Corporate housing options are available in residential areas so that guests can become acclimated to a neighborhood in terms of where key services are located such as banks, schools, and more. This location also puts guests in close proximity to main highways, grocery stores, dining options, and shopping that they will be using regularly if they choose to relocate permanently to the neighborhood.
  5. Flexible Lease Terms. In a post COVID world, the last thing a business executive wants is to be changing living spaces during their stay simply because a lease agreement cannot accommodate them. Corporate housing is designed to accommodate business trips of varying lengths to enable travelers to stay comfortably in one spot for the duration of their trip, regardless of the length of time the unit is needed.

COVID Cleaning Protocol for Corporate Housing Housekeeping

The hospitality industry is uniquely positioned to understand a guest’s need for a clean and disinfected environment when they are away from home. For that reason, corporate housing companies should ensure the following actions are incorporated into housekeeping services:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing soft surfaces such as cushions from chairs, sofas and sofa sleepers, as well as hard surfaces like countertops
  • Disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, handles, remotes, and kitchen appliances
  • Special attention is given to cleaning and sanitizing rooms that experience heavy traffic such as the kitchen and bathroom

These cleaning policies are designed to help kill germs related to common viruses such as:

  • Coronavirus
  • Enterovirus
  • Norovirus
  • Rhinovirus

In addition, reputable corporate housing companies should also adopt COVID-19 housekeeping guidelines like these:

  • Housekeeping teams should utilize personal protection equipment including aprons, face masks, gloves, shoe covers, and sleeve covers for their own protection as well as that of guests.
  • Housekeeping service should only be completed when a living space is unoccupied and can take up to an hour and a half. Guests that wish to schedule a specific time for housekeeping may make that request, but still must be absent during the time the apartment is cleaned. Clients who wish to forgo housekeeping services in their living spaces should still receive fresh linens and towels if they wish.
  • Cleaning materials used by the housekeeping team should be approved by the Centers for Disease Control and include materials such as diluted bleach solutions and peroxide multi-surface cleaners and disinfectants that are effective in killing COVID-19.

Guests should be mindful that housekeeping services could be delayed if either a guest has been exposed to COVID-19 and develops symptoms, OR if a staff member has been exposed to coronavirus or develops symptoms.

While business travel and corporate housing in a post COVID world may be intimidating at first, working with a reputable corporate housing company can make all the difference and put travelers at ease so they can focus on the work at hand.


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