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Enjoying the Amenities of Corporate Housing

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, corporate housing is the perfect choice for those who want to experience all the comforts and amenities of home. Compared to conventional or extended stay hotels, corporate housing offers better amenities, safer neighborhoods and lower costs.

The Corporate Housing Difference

Corporate housing appeals to travelers who plan on staying in a distant location for a longer term, generally more than two weeks. Designed initially for employee transfers, corporate housing is now widely used by vacationers, corporate clients and families relocating to a new area. While townhouses, condominiums and apartments are most common, single-family homes are becoming increasingly available.

The key feature that continues to attract more people to corporate housing is the ability to simulate an environment that resembles home life. Corporate housing providers understand that many clients are accompanied by their families, so it is important to provide a variety of amenities that appeal to those planning on an extended stay.

* Comfortable Furnishings: Corporate housing properties are filled with the kind of furnishings you would find in a typical American home. This includes a comfortable bed, sofa, large table and chairs, television, stereo, artwork and many other fashionable items.

* Updated Kitchens: Corporate housing rentals offer brand name appliances and kitchenware that includes dishes, beverage glasses, toaster, microwave, utensils, flatware, coffee maker and other features that make it simple to prepare and present entire meals.

* Washer and Dryer: One of the biggest challenges for those who need extended-stay accommodations is doing the laundry. Driving around the city with a pocketful of quarters trying to find a safe Laundromat is inconvenient and unnerving. Most corporate housing units come with a full-size washer and dryer so you can do your laundry at your leisure.

* Fresh Towels and Bedding: After a long day working or vacationing, travelers appreciate the bedding, pillows, sheets, comforters and linens included as part of their corporate housing package. Every room has a king, queen or twin bed along with night stands, lamps and a dresser.

* Electronics: Most corporate housing units include flat-panel TVs, cable, Wi-Fi and stereos. Some providers even offer game consoles, premium cable channels, spas and hot tubs.

Corporate Housing is Just Like Home

Corporate housing is as close as you can get to the warm and cozy feeling of being at home. The quiet, stress-free environment will help you wake up refreshed every morning, and the generous amenities will satisfy your need for relaxation, comfort and home-cooked meals. With corporate housing, you can save money, indulge more and enjoy your home away from home.


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