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Benefits Of Destination Services For Companies And Employees

Large corporations with a national or international presence often relocate employees to new geographical locations as dictated by their business ventures. When searching for a corporate housing company, it is essential to choose a provider that also offers destination services, which provides additional customized services designed to assimilate relocated employees with less stress because they have a dedicated consultant who will walk them through their settling in process.

Success in the business world requires attention to detail and excellent time management. These same skills make the relocation of an employee a successful one, but the work it requires in addition to daily operations can prove to be overwhelming for even the largest corporations. Enlisting a company with experienced consultants in destination services can see to it that employees are able to settle in quickly, without taking their focus away from the work at hand.

Why Destination Services Are Beneficial to Companies and their Employees

From a company’s point of view, the goal is to efficiently transfer employees with as little disruption to the work cycle as possible. However, for the employee and their family, the main goal is often to find the right neighborhood to settle into that will feel like home.

With both parties’ goals on opposite ends of the spectrum, a corporate lodging company that offers destination services can be a valuable partner for everyone involved. A corporation can delegate responsibilities to their service provider with confidence that an employee will be well cared for in a timelier manner than if the company itself had to coordinate those same logistics.

For corporations to have a truly successful relocation rate with their employees, it requires a solid working relationship with relocation experts that have the ability to help with multiple functions or specialties, such as destination services and corporate housing.

What Destination Services Include

A reputable relocation specialist should have a division that works exclusively on destination services. Corporations can then work directly with these professionals in customizing relocation service packages for their employees to ease the burden of a move.

Destination services can include a combination of the following: 

  • Airport pickup
  • Orientation tours
  • Apartment locating
  • Childcare and school enrollment
  • Arranging car rentals as needed
  • Identifying local bank branches and medical providers
  • Assisting with government-related items such as updating a more current driver’s license with the new address
  • Searching for home real estate
  • Exploring local houses of worship
  • Finding childcare centers
  • Identifying and visiting nearby private and public schools
  • Arranging cultural and foreign language training when needed

Common Employee Questions Regarding Relocations

Employees that are relocating generally have a great deal of questions, and many of them go beyond business. A move involves significant life changes for individuals and their families, which can in turn raise questions about how they will be able to find housing and services in their new neighborhood, as well as connect with the community.

Some of the most common employee questions regarding relocations are: 

  • What details am I responsible for in coordinating my departure?
  • How will I know what part of my new city I want to live in?
  • Do I need a realtor?
  • What is the housing market like?
  • Will the city have branches of the bank I am with now?
  • Is there a hospital and medical care nearby?
  • How do the local school districts rate?
  • Are there multiple childcare options available?
  • What if I do not speak the language?

While these questions are critical to an employee’s future, they can be near impossible for a company’s human resources department to manage on their own in addition to their regular workload. This is why many modern corporations are turning to corporate housing companies with destination services to help them more adequately address an employee’s needs.


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